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Graduate Programme

Eden Scott's Graduate Programme

We have welcomed three young people into our graduate programme as Eden Scott start to establish our own brand of recruitment professionals built on trust, respect, innovation, integrity and innovation. It takes a special type of person to cut it with Eden Scott and we want to ensure we are leading the way in producing a new breed of recruitment professionals.

17 Aug 2017
Aberdeen Recruitment Agencies

Aberdeen Summer Recruitment Soiree

We had a great night on 13th July in our brand spanking new offices in Chapel Street. It was definitely time we let our clients, new and old see the new abode and make them familiar with the office.

27 Jul 2017

The Times They Are A Changin’…

The Times They Are A Changin’… So sang world weary troubadour Bob Dylan. Was he singing about jobs in Aberdeen? Given that he wrote the song in New York’s Greenwich Village in 1964, probably not.

12 Jul 2017

Working for charities when times are tough

In 2011, as the country dragged itself out from the doldrums of of the 2008 recession I had the good fortune to be at a lunch with the, now former, Chief Executive of a well-known UK children’s charity. He was explaining to me the oxymoronic situation charities find themselves in when the economy hits the skids. So now as we creep (and I say that in very quiet terms with no discussion of green shoots) from the jaws of recession, where does this leave the third sector?

29 Jun 2017
Gig Economy

The Gig Economy - Modern Business or Exploitation

Many of us in the recruitment industry have been watching the latest developments in relation to the “gig economy” with great interest as it adds to an ever-changing landscape in both workers’ rights and employer responsibilities.

22 Jun 2017
CV Writing tips

Top 5 CV Writing tips

We see a lot of CV's in our role. Some good, some inspiring and some are not great. With all our team's experience we pulled together their knowledge to create some CV writing tips, a top 5 dos and don'ts, to keep you on the right track and to make sure you get that job.

01 Jun 2017

Auditors - Adapt or Lose Your Place At The Top Table

As with many industries the world of auditing is being disrupted by technology and an increasing need to see a greater return on investment. For those hiring auditors, whether internal or external, there is an increasing demand for more strategic contribution to ensure organisations are prepared and ready for any disruption they may face. The days of completing a technical audit without providing some wider benefit to the organisations in terms of achieving their objectives is gone.

25 May 2017
Negotiation Skills

Brexit & The Art of Negotiation

After nine months of claim, counter-claim, legislative and political manoeuvring Teresa May finally triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty at the end of March. With that so began a two year process of strenuous negotiation to enable the UK to exit the EU on favourable terms to ensure as smooth a transition to self-government as possible.

20 Apr 2017

What is Supply Chain Management?

With dissertation deadline dates looming large and graduation gowns being ordered, you've probably already started to apply for various graduate schemes and entry level roles. But have you considered Supply Chain management?

30 Mar 2017
Jobs in Scotland

What The Budget Means For Jobs In Scotland

It is fair to say there was a muted response from business to the Chancellor, Philip Hammond’s, last spring time budget. We are always keen to hear what this means in terms of the labour market and how it will affect employment across the country.

09 Mar 2017