About Al-Maktoum College

The Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education was founded in 2001 to bridge the possible gap between the Muslim and western worlds by focusing on intelligent debate and scientific understanding of Islam and the role of Muslims in the contemporary world. In its relatively short history, a total of 175 students from over 30 countries have successfully graduated from the College’s postgraduate degree programmes, mainly PhDs. As an independent research-led institution, Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education has recently entered into a collaboration agreement to offer three MSc in Islamic Finance degrees.


Multiculturalism is at the centre of our vision and mission.


The College has widened its scope as a Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Centre, and has ambitions to grow its activities. We are not a religious organisation; rather a College that focuses on the scientific study of Islam and Muslims in conjunction with other religions and communities and promotes a greater understanding of different faith and non-faith groups in order to build bridges between the Muslim and non-Muslim  worlds in a multicultural context.



UK Centre of Excellence

We are increasingly becoming a centre of excellence in the UK for teaching and research about Islam and Muslims. At the heart of our approach is improving understanding of and working with other religions and ethno-religious communities. We embrace ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘religious pluralism’ in the sense that we value equally all human beings regardless of their religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, class, disability and cultural background.

This approach and consideration lies at the centre of all of our activities. So we reach out in a variety of ways to improve understanding of Islam and invite others from all walks of life to share their points of view. We welcome consultations and enquiries about our sphere of learning and expertise and are pleased to share our knowledge of the contemporary issues and 21st century challenges facing society.