The dramatic landscape of the Scottish Highlands is surrounded on three sides by sea. So it's hardly surprising that the business of aquaculture - the farming of fish - is a prominent industry, particularly salmon, sea-grown trout and cod. 

Who are Aquascot?

Aquascot are a strong, well established business within the industry, based in Alness. A key to their success being based in the more remote areas of the country is a passion for the work and a focus on creating collaborative communities of people working together to produce the highest quality food.

Employee Ownership

A supply partner to Waitrose, Aquascot in 2008, began the journey to become an employee business with the long term plan of becoming 100% employee owned - a process which is expected to be completed by 2017. The company directors chose this path as a way of keeping the business local and to protect the long-term interests of everyone involved with Aquascot: supply partners, partners in the business, customer partners and the many people who enjoy our products every day.

In preparation for Employee Ownership, an employee elected ‘Partnership Council’ was formed to represent the interests of the employees. This is our way of collecting employee views and ensures a healthy flow of communication runs through the business. We believe this adds an additional strength to our partnership.

Every two years we hold an election where new members replace the longest serving members, giving everyone a fair a chance to represent their colleagues.

Aquascot Values

Aquascot, like any organisation, operates through a set of company rules and regulations which not only help keep them safe, but also profitable. They are internal and personal to Aquascot and determine how they behave towards and are viewed by others.

Those values are: Effective Teamwork, CommitmentRespect, Trust  
These values influence every decision and behaviour within the organisation on the journey to creating a great place to work, where all colleagues, suppliers and customers feel valued and empowered in helping build a successful and sustainable future for each other.