Biogelx is a biomaterials company which designs and supplies peptide hydrogels for cell culture, precisely tuned to the requirements of the cell. These products have applications in fundamental cell research, toxicology/drug development and may ultimately be translated to cell therapy/regenerative medicine.

The chemical and physical properties of the hydrogels match the characteristics experienced by cells within tissue, thus enabling the study and manipulation of cells in a realistic 3D environment which is simple, well- defined and tuneable.
The product's unique cell-matching capabilities clearly provide academic users, medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies with a serious alternative to competing 3D cell culture products. In addition, these biomaterials are creating new opportunities in the fields of 3D bioprinting and drug delivery.

Biogelx Ltd was spun out of Professor Rein Ulijn’s group in the Department of Pure and Chemistry at the University of Strathclyde in late 2012. A seed round allowed the company to establish a laboratory at BioCity Scotland, which remains the global headquarters. Biogelx Inc was established in NYC in 2015, to enhance business development activities in the US market.

Biogelx team

The management team have a wealth of experience in this sector. They balance detailed technical knowledge with commercial acumen and have driven the company from a university spin-out to a business with 11 employees selling across the world.  

Biogelx Recognition  

In the short time Biogelx have been in operation they have delivered significant financial success and succeeded in a number of industry accolades including;

  • Pitch at the Palace Finalists
  • EIE 2014 Pitch of the day winners
  • Scottish Edge Award winners 2014 

The key market opportunities and issues now presented to Biogelx encompass:

  • Driving the business for more global commercial traction
  • Funding growth, particularly for expansion in the US
  • Ensuring a concise commercialisation strategy around the existing and developing IP portfolio.
  • Developing strategic relationships with key big pharma clients
  • Examining options and enhancing all routes to market

Roles with Biogelx

Biogelx are recruiting for a CEO. The incumbent has driven the the Company for almost five years, from University spin-out to todays excellent platform. He considers that now is the right time to hand over the leadership role to a new CEO and intends to remain in post until the search is complete to effect a smooth transition.

For more information on the role call Guy Martin on 0131 550 1102 or email, To apply for the role follow the link below.