Fixed Phage Technology

Fixed Phage technology represents a major step forward in the application of bacteriophages on a commercial scale and enables the development of new antimicrobial products in sectors where bacterial contamination and infection pose major problems.

Bacteriophages are potent anti-infectives that target and destroy bacteria but are harmless to plants, animals and humans.

Fixed Phage - The business

Formed in 2010, the company is a spin-out from the University of Strathclyde with investment from Barwell PLC and Scottish Enterprise with patented bacteriophage immobilsation and stabilation technology.

Based in the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow they have a small team of experts who are developing the business, commercialising the technology targeting animal health, food packaging and domestic hygiene.  

Fixed Phage is actively pursuring an out-licensing business model and is currently undertaking strategic development projects with major international corporate partners in antimicrobial food packaging and aquaculture.

The board also intend to obtain a listing for the company's shares on a suitable public market within the next 3 years.