NHS NSS - Supporting Scotland's Health

NHS National Services Scotland is an NGB supporting the NHS to provide the most efficient and effective service possible. Created to find national solutions to the issues facing the NHS they are positioned right at the heart of the service.

Their solutions aim to save money that can be reinvested in front line services providing a far better experience to the public. Operating at a national level allows NSS to share good practice and support those delivering the service to achieve the highest possible standards.

They aim to deliver on this through four strategic objectives

  • Put customers at the heart of everything we do
  • Increase our service value
  • Improve the Way we do things
  • Ensure that we're a great place to work 

Achieving Results

NHS NSS are achieving results too. In their most recent annual report they achieved 77% of objectives set, including,

  • £36.2 million savings in the buying of goods and services
  • Reducing financial crime in NHSScotland by £3.3 million through Counter Fraud Services
  • Introducing 7,000 patients in Scotland to a home oxygen service
  • Delivering 95% of IT contracts as planned
  • Registering 532,000 new patients with the Chronic Medication Service, which cuts down the time spent with GPs. 

Why work for NHS NSS

NHS NSS rewards innovation and creativity. The challenges the organisation tackle require people who can look at problems from a number of different perspectives and find solutions others wouldn't see.

There are lots of opportunities for people who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of others across Scotland. 

The organisations values were agreed on by the staff in 2009 and they form the basis for their day to day operations. They are, 

  • Respect and care
  • Openness and integrity 
  • Focus on our customers
  • Commitment 
  • Excel and improve


I get to lead a great team of professionals providing travel and international advice to a world-wide audience. The best thing, other than the people, is the fact that you are given room to grow and encouraged to develop ideas. 

Fiona G, Nurse Consultant, Glasgow