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How to maximise annual leave 2022: Scotland, England & Wales and Northern Ireland

12 Nov 2021

Want to know how to maximise holidays in 2022? Find out which 2022 annual leave dates to book in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Bank Holidays 2022: Scotland, England & Wales and Northern Ireland

12 Nov 2021

Wherever you are in the UK, find all the dates and information you need for bank holidays 2022.

Bank Holidays 2022: Scotland, England & Wales and Northern Ireland

Renewable energy recruitment: How to attract the best candidates

02 Nov 2021

Attract the best renewable energy candidates. We’re discussing the latest challenges and opportunities in renewable energy recruitment

How to prepare for an interview

19 Oct 2021

So, your CV impressed, you've aced the job application, and now you've been selected for an interview. But how do you prepare for an interview effectively?

How to prepare for an interview

Crown Estate Scotland Partner with Eden Scott to double energy team

01 Oct 2021

Crown Estate Scotland is to double the size of its energy and infrastructure team as part of its commitment to help Scotland meet its 2045 net-zero targets, and they have partnered with Eden Scott to support their recruitment.

Personal Branding With Hannah Power

28 Sep 2021

Personal Branding is becoming an increasingly important part of getting a new job. So we chatted with Hannah Power, a personal branding expert who runs her own consultancy, advising people on making the most of every opportunity.

Soft Skills Training For That Competitive Edge

16 Sep 2021

It can be easy to rely on the technical skills of a candidate or employee as justification for their inclusion in your team but softer skills, communication, leadership, collaboration are becoming increasingly important for today's workforce.

Soft skills training

Five Steps to Landing a Wind Turbine Technician Role

30 Jun 2021

It's an exciting time for the wind power industry in Scotland - there's no better time to break into renewables sector and become a wind turbine technician

Wind Turbine Technician

Tech To Support Diversity and Inclusion

24 Jun 2021

Our recent research has highlighted that only 42% of respondents felt that technology would improve their companies' approach to diversity and inclusion. A further 45% were on the fence and thought there was a possibility it could have an impact, but they were not sure.

Inspire and Deliver - The Leadership Skills That Count

22 Jun 2021

At the heart of good leadership are people that want to make a change. They are unwilling to sit back and accept the status quo and are passionate about finding new and innovative ways to solve problems.
Unfortunately, far too often, that isn't always the person in managerial positions. The reality is, there is and will always be a difference between a manager and a leader.


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