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Four day work week - will it work?

31 May 2021

Is it just a fad that some politicians have found convenient to slap on a placard (or Facebook advert as is more likely the case these days), or is there some merit in a four-day-week?

Career Planning with NHS NSS CEO Mary Morgan

23 May 2021

Do you have ambitions on that top job, but you're not sure how to get there?

What sort of career planning does it take to set you on the path to success?

Knowing where to start is not easy, especially when you're considering the next five to ten years of your career. 

Career Planning

Setting out a career development plan

29 Apr 2021

What is your career ambition? Whatever your career goal is, you need a plan to get there. The people in those current roles will almost certainly have set out a plan many years before and will have been laser-focused on sticking to the milestones they set themselves.

Career Development

Agility key for workforce of the future

31 Mar 2021

Would it surprise you to know between 2016 and 2019, nearly three-quarters of jobs had more than 40% of the skills required change?

Tell me about yourself - The Answers

29 Mar 2021

The dreaded question that kicks off so many interviews. When your brain goes into overdrive and considers which of the 25 different scenarios you think this potential employer wants to hear. here are our top 5 tips on finding success in what should be a reasonably straightforward question.

Tell me about yourself

Dishonesty In Recruitment: What To Do When An Applicant Lies

22 Mar 2021

Our guest blogger Claire Nisbet is a Senior Solicitor in the Employment and Pensions team at Maclay Murray & Spens LLP. Here Claire discusses what to do when an applicant lies during the recruitment process.

Working From Home - The Benefits

24 Feb 2021

WFH. Those three letters have become synonymous with job adverts and working life across the UK over the last year. It is a benefit that the majority of job seekers are now looking for but is it what everyone wants? Or do we miss our colleague a little too much?

Working from home

Inspire Your Team To Innovate

25 Jan 2021

In a challenging market as we all emerge from the difficulties of COVID19 innovation is going to be key to survival and success. Inspire your team to innovate through inclusion.

Finding happiness from inclusive leadership

05 Jan 2021

Are you finding happiness at work? Are you working for an inclusive company where you're inspired to innovate in your job? Find out why the right inclusive leadership could inspire you.

Will AI in Recruitment be the norm by 2023?

08 Dec 2020

A study by in 2018 published a stat that suggested that 46% of HR professionals believed they would be using AI to a high degree by 2023. That's not all that far away, and I wonder if many of you felt your HR team were on track to be making the most of everything that AI can offer?


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