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5 Ways to Boost Your CSR This Christmas

27 Nov 2019
Rachel Brown

5 ways to boost your festive csr

CSR should be imperative to companies all year round, but Christmas is a time to get a bit creative with your good deeds – it is the season of giving, after all. Here are five creative ways to boost your CSR this holiday season to spread that festive cheer.

Buy a Charity Christmas Tree

Nothing says Christmas more than a festive, sparkly tree to brighten up your office - so why not get a Christmas tree AND raise money for people in need? The Bethany Christian Trust, a charity based in Scotland, has the Caring for Christmas Trees initiative where Christmas trees are sold in Edinburgh and Lothians, Glasgow and Fife to raise money for homeless and vulnerable people by providing housing, basic furniture and support services. Getting your Christmas tree from a charity like this really is a win-win situation.

Donate Gifts instead of Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun, popular way to spread the festive spirit throughout your office, but let’s be honest, the stress of who you’ve got, who’s got you and the spending limit sometimes just isn’t worth it. As nice as that paperweight your colleague gave you is, there’s someone out there who would benefit more from a small gift.

On top of this, 57% of Brits who celebrate Christmas received an unwanted gift with the average shopper spending £10-£20 on items which would end up in landfills. A great way to cultivate that festive spirit, and reduce landfill waste, is donating gifts to a charity of your choice that will give it to those less fortunate - not only will you feel rewarded by doing something noble, you’ll also avoid the stress of thinking who to regift that paperweight to!

Make A Reverse Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a staple in the lead up to Christmas; opening a new door every day and being greeted by a chocolate or gift, but how about mixing things up and going for a reverse advent calendar this year? Each day, instead of getting a daily treat, you add an item (such as food or clothing) to donate at the end of the month.

Different charities will ask for different types of donations, so you can choose what items to gather in the run-up to Christmas, such as food for The Trussell Trust food banks or toys and clothing to your local charity shop. No matter what you decide to donate or who to donate it to, you’ll fully immerse yourself in the season of giving while getting that festive feeling in the countdown to Christmas.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Donating items and money is great, but there’s a lot to be said for donating your time and efforts. One staple of Christmas is getting a great home-cooked meal to enjoy with our loved ones, but many people don’t have this luxury. UK food bank communities like Souper Saturday, as well as many others, give vulnerable people an opportunity to enjoy a warm meal during what can be a cold and lonely season. So, why not make a day out of registering to volunteer at a local food bank and heading down with your colleagues to help treat everyone to a warm meal this season?

Take Part in the 2019 Santa Dash

Feeling energised? Make a charity run more festive by dressing up as Santa! The Santa Dash is an annual charity run operated all across the UK, where thousands of Santas run 5k for the chosen charity of the city. It’s good for the charities, good for your health and is a good laugh for everyone involved. So, get the Santa gear on and run off all those mince pies!


Christmas is the time of giving, but we must remember that CSR isn’t a seasonal gift - it’s for life. These ideas are great for spreading some Christmas cheer to those who need it most, but make sure you’re making the effort all year round to spread some endless goodwill. One thing we can learn from Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not, is that the gift of giving really is priceless.

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