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5 ways your company can celebrate Earth Day

Eden Scott
If your company values sustainability, then you’re likely to want to celebrate Earth Day at your organisation. 

This article explores some positive and meaningful ways in which companies can take part in Earth Day. 

When is Earth Day?

Earth Day takes place on the 22nd of April every year.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a worldwide awareness day that encourages people to think about the environment and take steps to protect the planet.

How is Earth Day Celebrated?

There is no one way to celebrate Earth Day, but many people and companies participate by taking part in activities that benefit the planet. 

How can companies take part in Earth Day?

Companies can participate in several ways. In 2023, Earth Day takes place on a Saturday, so marking it on a Friday or another weekday will help to ensure that most people in your team can participate.

Here are some ideas…

Host a litter clean-up

Your company could host a litter clean-up near your offices, or encourage remote workers to take some time to pick up rubbish at an impacted spot near them. 

The internet is full of inspiring examples of people who have taken it upon themselves to clear bags of rubbish from sites in their neighbourhood, with transformational results. 

If you’re going to host a litter clean-up, make sure you provide the right equipment, including litter pickers, rubbish bags, gloves and masks (and look into the environmental credentials or reusability of your products!)

Plant trees

Trees are essential to the removal of excess CO2 from our environment. To celebrate Earth Day, you could arrange for your team to plant saplings, or you could donate to a charity to plant trees on your behalf.

Some charities providing this service include Woodland Trust, Trees for Life and One Tree Planted.

Review your practices

You could conduct an audit of your supplier chain as well as the impacts of your workplace upon the environment. 

A simple way to start is by identifying one small change you could make as a company. 

For example, you could report to the team on how much landfill waste your company generates, and pledge to reduce that by a given percentage by the next Earth Day. 

Explain to your team exactly how they can help, and appoint a green team leader to help them implement these changes.

Launch a sustainability programme

Create a training programme for employees to help them recognise how their actions coupled with a genuine commitment from leadership can help them to effect change within the organisation. 

For example, M&S has a ‘Plan A’ pledge to protect the environment. As part of that programme, employees undertake sustainability training.

Host a plant-based lunch

If your company hosts team lunches or provides food at events, consider switching to plant-based options for one day. 

Plant-based foods have been shown to significantly reduce emissions - they are 14 times less harmful to the environment than foods from animal products. 

While not everyone needs to eat a vegan diet at all times, we can all play our part by eating plant-based more frequently - even if we’re only switching out a couple of meals a week.

Final thoughts

Remember, Earth Day isn’t just a one-day event - we can take steps to protect the planet at any time of year. However, Earth Day serves as an effective reminder of your company’s commitment to curb climate change.

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