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The best ever Christmas themed jobs

Christmas Jobs

The Best Ever Christmas-Themed Jobs

There there are some people who love it a little bit more than the average person. You know the type; people who have their Christmas decorations up before the pumpkins have decomposed, folks who whip out the elf costumes a wee bit too enthusiastically, anyone who listens to All I Want For Christmas Is You voluntarily – they walk among us, but they are not like us.
If you're one of those people who fully embodies the festive season, why not go a step further? These Christmas theme jobs professions could be for you.



Of course, we had to include the Big Man himself. Unfortunately, we're not talking about commandeering a Reindeer-powered flying sleigh and taking a laissez-faire approach to home security,

Instead, we are talking about playing the role of Santa at a Santa's Grotto.

Festive companies like Great Grottos distribute multiple Santa Claus (Santa Clauses? Santa Cleese?) around the UK to spread some festive spirit. So, if you're a jolly and warm-hearted person and you're ready to spread the joy of Christmas loud and clear for all to hear (and you look good in red), then this could be the be a great Christmas temp job for you.


One of Santa's Helpers

If you're not sold on playing the lead role, you can still be involved by playing a supporting role in the team that makes Christmas that little bit more magical. 

You can apply to be a part of the fun at your local grotto, Or, take part in the wonderful world of Elfingrove – where Glasgow's best-loved museum is turned into a magical Christmas experience for everyone to enjoy. Plus, you get to look very stylish in the process.


A Gift Wrapper

If you can wrap presents without ripping the paper and getting tangled in the ribbon, then you've got a gift (sorry). 

Use this talent to your advantage; many retailers have Christmas temp jobs around the festive season and often they're looking for people dedicated to prepping the gifts to go under the tree. 

So, if you've got nimble fingers and an eye for detail, consider this for your next career move.


Christmas Tree Salesperson

If you're a skilled salesperson as well as an avid Christmas lover, this spiky Christmas themed job could be the job for you. 

Buying a Christmas tree, taking it home and decorating it to your heart's content is a magical part of Christmas and you can help make that happen. 

Check out the 10 best places to buy Christmas trees in Scotland – could one be your next workplace?


An employee at a Christmas Themed Hotel

Calling all hospitality experts! Working in the hotel industry is a popular career choice, so why not make it even more exciting by working somewhere that feels especially Christmassy? 

With multiple hotels around Scotland perfect for that Christmas getaway, there are lots of opportunities to make guests' holiday retreats even more special.


Reindeer Herder

A bit of an odd one, but great for animal lovers! The Cairngorm Reindeer Herd provides tours of reindeer around the country for public and promotional events, helping to bring festive joy everywhere they go. 

They may not be airborne and have red noses, but this type of Christmas-themed job is perfect for all those Christmas-loving animal handlers!
As you can see, there are an array of festive professions for self-confessed Christmas lovers.

Once your Christmas temp job ends (or sooner, if you're not searching for a Christmas themed job), upload your CV to explore your next career move.

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