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Day in the Life of a Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant

My role as a Marketing Assistant with Eden Scott is nothing short of a juggling act. Always learning new things, putting a variety of skills to use and working on consistently new and different campaigns means that no two days are the same - and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The modern marketing function of a company is vastly different than it was even ten years ago, thanks to the capabilities that have been fostered by technology. The audience we're aiming at is simultaneously invisible and everywhere, and to attempt to reach them, a vast range of tactics come and go frequently. Knowing which are the right ones to invest time and money in is imperative, as well as how to do them correctly.


Marketing Tactics

Finding the best social media scheduling tool, knowing which analytics metrics are helpful, and assessing what content is best for your employer brand are all critical parts of today's marketing efforts, making the job very much about learning and being responsive to change.

In May 2014, I joined Eden Scott as a Digital Marketing Intern, working with Jamie Armstrong, our excellent Marketing and Communications Manager. Since then, I have been kept on to continue supporting the business as a Marketing Assistant in a part-time capacity alongside my final year of a Business Management degree.

My role ranges from input on overall marketing strategy to content creation, social media and data analysis, and even some coding, particularly for web-based needs such as HTML and CSS. It has been a pleasant surprise to find that I am far better with numbers than I ever thought – the kinds of numbers I use daily have a definite purpose and are intuitive in terms of their use, which helps when you are typically far better with words. As I have said previously, though, it's essential to be flexible as a Marketing Assistant because who knows what the next great marketing tool will be that you must learn to use in a better way than your competitor.

One element of consistency in my varied role is that my morning at Eden Scott starts with a giant cup of tea. I read through articles and blog posts during this little ritual and plan out my day's tasks. 

No Typical Day

Although there is no typical day, I try to focus on either the more creative aspects of the role or those that are more technically focused. If it's a creative day, my focus is on content creation and scheduling. This includes researching current industry and economic trends, creating blog posts, infographics, and sometimes even videos, creating graphics for the website and social media posts and curating external content to schedule.

The technical day is focused on making our website as easy to use, attractive and easy to find for our audience as possible. This includes a lot of SEO tactics as well as keyword, competitor, and industry analysis to ensure we are positioning ourselves in the best way and aligning ourselves with the best digital methods.

It's easy to tell which element I'm focused on at any one time, given the broad differences in tools I use. From Photoshop and video editing software to Excel and a calculator, being a fast learner and comfortable with a wide variety of technical tools is a must.

So there we have it - a day in my life as a Marketing Assistant. I find all of the elements of my role fascinating, fast-paced and fun, particularly when coupled with the culture at Eden Scott. They've been supportive from the start of my time here, really value and reward hard work, and we even have Krispy Kreme Fridays! What's not to love?