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Aberdeen Summer Recruitment Soiree

27 Jul 2017
Laura Brownhill

Recruitment In Aberdeen

We had a great night on 13th July in our brand spanking new offices in Chapel Street. It was definitely time we let our clients, new and old see the new abode and make them familiar with the office. With it being summer of course it was the perfect opportunity to crack open a bottle or two of bubbly, enjoy some award winning Deeside gin and to hear from to great speakers local speakers.

Clients joined us from a host of different backgrounds to enjoy a great networking opportunity and to hear from Lynne Duthie, co-founder of Esker Gin and Nicola McIntosh, Finance and Commercial Director at the Oil and Gas Technology Centre.

Lynne Duthie    

Lynne has spent her working life within training and development for Oil and Gas in the North East. However, Lynne and her husband have always had a passion for good gin and like all good entrepreneurs she set about making her passion into her job.

They started Esker Gin in 2015 making it Royal Deeside's first and now award winning gin. They have always been passionate about the north east and it was important that the gin they produced reflected that so amongst the various botanicals that flavour the gin is silver birch sap, sourced from the Kincardine Estate.

Esker Gin's branding again reflects the northern heritage combining the topography of the area with traditional castles and the ice cold waters of the north. Even the name comes is a ridge created by the meandering path of a glacier, cutting through the hillside.

To hear more about Esker Gin and their journey check out Lynne's film below.

Nicola McIntosh

The assembled audience then got the opportunity to hear from Nicola McIntosh who, in her role as the Finance and Commercial Director, was able to give us a wonderful insight into the fantastic work the team at the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) do.

Since opening their doors in February they have met with over 2000 people and had nearly 200 ideas pitched to them. The OGTC was set up to support the innovation that exists in the north east harnessing the inspring ideas channelling them in the right way by offering funding and support.

They were awarded a significant proportion of the city deal funding to distribute and as such are a key player in the evolution of the Oil and Gas industry in Aberdeen. They regularly send out 'Calls' which are problems those in the industry are facing so people can submit their ideas as possible solutions. It is there version of an open-source problem solving I guess.

To hear more from Nicola about the great work going on at the OGTC and how they could help you and your company, check out her film below.

Next Event

So if you couldn't make our July event, make sure you don't miss out on the next one. We hope to host a regular series of events inspiring the people of the north east and obviously providing some light refreshments. If you'd like to speak to the team just follow the link below.   


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