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Accelerate Your Career as a Saltire Fellow 2015

23 Jan 2015

Saltire Fellowship 2015

Do you have what it takes to become a 2015 Saltire Fellow?

As a Corporate Ruby partner to the Saltire Foundation, we are delighted to announce that applications for the Saltire Fellowship programme are now live for the 2015-16 intake.

The 2014 Fellows comprised the largest and most diverse cohort yet: 23 individuals who each bring something unique and interesting to the group. 8 business owners, 6 PhD holders, a double world record holder and an individual with no formal further education background, Fellows are diverse in nature but have a common theme in their potential, drive and ambition. 

The Saltire Foundation currently boasts over 60 graduated Saltire Fellows, at least 12 of whom have reached CEO level within their company, with many others founding their own businesses after graduation. Fellows go on to join both the Saltire Foundation Alumni network and the bigger and further-reaching Entrepreneurial Scotland network.

The Programme


Babson College

The Fellowship programme starts with 12 weeks’ worth of teaching at Babson College in Boston (the top ranked US Business School for Entrepreneurship) with a curriculum focused on Sales & Marketing, Finance and Innovation. Classroom learning is combined with real-life case studies and company projects, in-line with the Babson guiding principle of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action.

Silicon Valley

Fellows then journey to Silicon Valley for a week to see how business operates within this hub of entrepreneurial activity. This week allows Fellows to deepen their understanding of the Silicon Valley environment, and comprehend the unique resources possessed by this area.


The journey then turns to China for a week, specifically Shanghai, where Fellows have the opportunity to meet and learn from Chinese and International business figures, to learn more about how to carry out business in China. 


Final Project

In the New Year, Fellows are immersed into a ‘Scottish Project’ whereby they take the learning from Babson and apply it to a specific task within a high-growth Scottish firm. Fellows are prompted to explore different sectors or departments of interest, as the focused is placed on benefits their learning can bring to the company, rather than previous experience in the field. Deliverables are met within 3 months and Fellows graduate in early April.



You can find more details on the application process by clicking here. In addition to this, the Saltire Foundation will also be hosting two information sessions in Glasgow and Edinburgh where interested candidates can attend to find out more about the programme and speak to Fellow alumni to gain a better understanding of the Fellowship.

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