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Alternative Christmas Gifts

6 Dec 2019
Simone Thompson

Alternative Christmas Gifts

57% of Brits who celebrate Christmas receive unwanted gifts with the average person spending £10-20 on presents that end up in landfills. It may be the time for giving, but the onus is on the consumer to do so responsibly. That’s exactly why we’ve put together some alternative gifts to avoid the waste and do some good deeds at the same time.

Send a Cow

Send a Cow is a force for change in rural Africa; it helps people to take control of their own futures by supporting gender and social inclusion, enabling farming on their land, and teaching business skills. They sell multiple gifts such as mugs, shopping bags, aprons and T-shirts, as well as festive Christmas cards, where the proceeds go towards helping African farmers become more self-reliant. You can provide a stylish gift for someone while making the world a better place; just take your pick!

Reusable Bottles

We’re currently experiencing a war on single-use plastics -the items that are most commonly found in our oceans and beaches. Reusable water bottles have exploded in popularity in recent years. Not only do they reduce our single-use plastic waste but carrying them also encourages people to drink more water – it’s a win-win! Brands like Chilly’s offer stainless steel bottles with a variety of different colours and patterns and keep liquids at a cool temperature for up to 24 hours or a hot temperature for 12 hours - handy for the winter months!. This is a great gift to put under the tree this year.

Or for coffee lovers, reusable tumblers are a sustainable and useful choice of gift. You can get branded ones from their favourite coffee shop like Costa or Starbucks, or Keep Cups are also a fun choice. The recipient will be able to satisfy their coffee fix while saving on their personal waste, and it’s a perfect stocking filler!

Adopt an Animal

This is a great choice for animal lovers. Organisations such as WWF allow people to adopt different types of animals from all over the world in order to protect their natural habitats; you can choose from jaguars and penguins to pandas and orangutans and more! When you adopt you will receive a cuddly toy, a fact pack about your adopted animal, and regular updates of the work being done with your support. Not only can you give a great gift for someone to enjoy, you can educate people about the wonders of wildlife – a wonderful Christmas present if you ask me!

‘Grow Your Own’ Gifts

Fantastic for those budding gardeners! Whether it’s chillies, herbs, salads or tomatoes, you can now gift a ready-made kit that are perfect for getting started from places like Greenhouse Sensation. Not only is it fresh, organic and good for the planet, it can give someone the satisfaction of growing their own produce right in their garden.

It’s great to give and receive gifts, but it’s even greater to give and receive gifts for the greater good.  So, if you’re struggling to think of some gifts for your friends or family, consider these to fully embody the season of giving. Let’s help make the world a better place, one gift at a time.

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