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BI, Design, Innovation & Mobile Technology

21 May 2015
Megan Vinten

BI, Design, Innovation & Mobile Technology

The world around us is changing rapidly. These days technology moves faster than most of us can keep up with! We expect more from the technology we are using; faster, better and more integrated than it has ever been before.

But what challenges and opportunities does this provide businesses when taking their products to compete in the ever-changing market?

Keen to stay up to date with new trends in tech, this morning Eden Scott’s IT recruitment team had the pleasure of attending a presentation from IRW at the Microsoft offices in Edinburgh, which covered BI, design, innovation and mobile technology. Senior IT Recruitment Consultant Megan Vinten shares her takes from the event below.

Megan VintenFirst up to speak was Don McIntyre, Creative Lead at IRW who discussed the best and most creative design methods. Don highlighted some of the key challenges faced by UX & UI teams today; including the issues of getting content onto multiple devices, for example customers expect content on their terms. This rang so true for me! How many times have I tried to access a website or purchase something online using a mobile device and the content doesn’t fit the size of the screen?!

According to Don user experience is more of a design problem than a technical one – the technology already exists to solve these problems and it’s down to the design team to make the content meaningful to the user.

Claire Cunningham, Business Development Consultant at IRW also spoke, sharing her thoughts on Business Intelligence.  According to Claire, BI increases productivity, provides access to better information, leads to competent decision making, moves results closer to your goals and ultimately increases the Return on Investment. And here’s an interesting fact for you; 90% of the world’s data has been gathered in only the last couple of years!

Here at Eden Scott the use of BI & data analytics has hugely assisted in the selection process of business tools & targeted advertising. With so much data available to us it is crucial to our business that we are making the most of this data to continually improve our service and business performance. How are you using data? Does your company use business intelligence at all?

So what’s next for on technology horizon? Will the use of Holograms and HoloLens take off? How far will wearable devices go? Share your thoughts with us below.

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