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Buying North East - Procurement in Aberdeen-Shire

15 Dec 2016
Laura Brownhill

The North East Supply Chain

With tens of millions of pounds spent every year by local organisations in Aberdeen with suppliers elsewhere, the ‘Buy North East’ campaign was established in October this year to refocus the local business community on keeping procurement local and moving at least one contract (or piece of business) to a supplier in Aberdeenshire.

The ‘Buy North East’ campaign original objective was to encourage at least 500 businesses in the region to commit to the campaign and they have recently smashed their target but the question remains, ‘what’s next’?

Speaking at the ‘Buy North East’ Business Breakfast at the Marriott Hotel on 10th Nov, Bob Keiller discussed the four key points that he believes are critical when assessing suppliers.

  • Is the Quality better
  • Is the Service quicker
  • Is the Price lower
  • Are you strong enough to Deliver

It was a very inspiring conference for those of us based up in the north east. It really reminded everyone that there is a lot of talent up here and you don’t need to look any further afield when you are looking for suppliers.

We are often matched against competitors who are based further afield. So as a local supplier we thought we would look into how we compare to our competitors from further afield.

Quality within the Supply Chain?

In our industry quality is everything. We pride ourselves in providing the best candidates to our clients. Not the most, the best. Recruitment is beset with companies who believe the more mud you throw at the wall at least some of it will stick.

We pride ourselves on not being mud slingers. We have represented some of the largest businesses in the north east and our focus has always been to find the right candidate that not only has the right skills but that fits your culture, something that’s not easily done by reading a CV from a jobsite.

Experience has taught us face to face meetings are always preferable and where that’s not possible we’ll rely on technology to put together a Skype calls help us build a picture of the candidate.

Taking the time to find and vet our candidates before we send them over means our clients can trust we are sending the best possible option to fill your vital role.

Faster service for success in the supply chain

Relationships are built on trust and transparency. As a business our focus is on building long term partnerships with our clients through trust, commitment and transparency in our recruitment processes.

However key to recruiting successfully in Aberdeen is local knowledge. Eden Scott have been in Aberdeen for over seven years. As with everyone we have experienced the good times and the recent dip in fortunes up here, but we didn’t up-sticks and leave when the tough times hit. Having refocused our business we feel we’ve got a much clear insight into the workforce in the region and a much deeper understanding of needs of businesses in the region. In our mind it is essential to have a team on the ground in the region rather than trying to recruit from a distance.

Getting the right price for supply chain success

Eden Scott has always tried to take an innovative approach to problem solving and in a challenging economic situation such as the one we are all facing in Aberdeen, the top problem is predominantly cost.

We know how to maximise every penny spent through the use of additional services such as assessment centres, digital campaigns, temporary and permanent recruitment and executive search. Added to this, we’re always looking to build longer term partnership which enables us to agree a better fee structure for retained services that provides you with a better service for less.

Again the advantage of us being local is that we can take the time to sit down with you to discuss these requirements, what strategy is best to put in place and create a unique package suited to your needs.

Strength to deliver in the supply chain?

Eden Scott is all about the long game. Launched in 2003 by three directors in one room in Edinburgh the company has now grown to have 70 staff and four offices across Britain. The fighting spirit displayed by the founders is part of the fabric of the company which is why our Aberdeen office, launched in 2009, is still operating in the region despite the huge change that’s taken place.

As mentioned, the team, who all either hail from the north east or have lived in the area for many years have an in-depth understanding of the complexities that local companies encounter when recruiting new talent. Adding real tenacity to this expert local knowledge has led us to become the preferred recruitment partner for many small private firms and multi-national organisations.

So what is next?

Although the falling price of oil has had a huge impact on the Aberdeen area, reading the ‘Aberdeen City & Shire – New Infrastructure’ guide [produced by Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce], there is more than £5 billion public and private infrastructure investment due to be delivered in the region – a large percentage of which is due to be delivered in the next 5 years.

Aberdeen City and Shire still has a lot to offer and Eden Scott is well placed as a local supplier to assist with any recruitment needs.


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