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Social Media Measurement: What Should it Look Like?

18 Mar 2014

The world of social media in business is changing, CMO’s, CEO’s and boards of directors across the globe are asking more questions, asking ‘why’ should we be on social media, what is the value, how do we measure ROI? As the market continues to mature, the frequency and the need for of this type of questioning will increase. Indeed a study by Google Wildfire and Ad Age highlighted that the top two concerns for senior business leaders are social media engagement and measurement.

So, what is social media measurement all about?

How To Measure Social Media

Planning a Career Change

06 Mar 2014

Do you dread Monday mornings? Are you going to look back at your life and think “if only I…..”? Are you in the wrong job?

Planning to Change Jobs

Commercial Accountants: Demonstrating Their Worth

25 Oct 2013

Hang up your tweed suits, the world of accountancy is changing.

Accountants have traditionally been viewed as number crunchers that analyse and communicate historical financial data to their clients. A process driven role, accountants were regarded as the bookkeepers in a business, the sort of people who put blocks on marketing budgets and business investments to protect the bottom line.

Paul Buchan Eden Scott

Business Spotlight: Petroceltic

12 Oct 2013

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Scottish Oil Club in Edinburgh to hear an insightful talk from Petroceltic’s CEO, Brian O’Cathain, on the challenges the business faces in Algeria.

Nicolle Sinclair Eden Scott

Should You Self-Fund Your CFA?

03 Oct 2013

The Internet is awash with articles recommending financial services professional to gain their CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) to get ahead in their career, however with it taking around 300 hours of study time and costing several thousand pounds, do you really need a CFA to progress in finance

Mike Leeman Eden Scott

How To Get a Job in Recruitment

01 Oct 2013

Think you’ve got what it takes for a career in recruitment?

The Changing Role of a PA

01 Sep 2013

The role of a Personal Assistant (PA) has changed enormously in the last 10 to 15 years. Eden Scott's Business Support and Legal Division has consultants who have recruited Secretaries, PAs and Executive Assistants for over 15 years - they have seen the role evolve and develop, but without becoming less busy!

While there continues to be many ‘traditional' PAs with a 1:1 role (managing diaries, writing correspondence, taking dictation and dealing with confidential matters for their boss), there are many more whose role has changed dramatically through developments in new technology, working practices and working environments.

My First Year in Recruitment

18 Jul 2013

Jennifer Telfer, Sales and Marketing Consultant, joined the recruitment world in April 2012. After a year in the business, Jennifer tells us about her journey and what attracted her to a career in recruitment.


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