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Kids and Careers: Words of a Working Mum - Robyn Plaice

13 Mar 2015

Robyn Plaice is a Senior Scientist at CelluComp. Robyn shares her journey from becoming a mum to carving out her dream career.

Advice for working mums

Kids and Careers: Words of a Working Mum - Linsey Fuqua

13 Mar 2015

Linsey Fuqua shares her thoughts on balancing a working life with raising a family.

Advice for working mums

Kids and Careers: Words of a Working Mum - Kirsten Urquhart

13 Mar 2015

Kirsten is Informations Manager at Young Scot. Here she tells us how she manages a career as well as bringing up her three year old son.

Advice for working mums

Why You or Your Company Should Consider a Move to Scotland

04 Mar 2015

Scotland’s jollity and penchant for celebrations are no secret. However, many people are unaware of the amazing work opportunities the country offers, with relocation often being seen as a daunting and undesirable prospect. Read our guide to find out why you should consider the move over the border…

Why Move To Scotland

Recruitment Market Insight Report 2015

27 Jan 2015

Read our comprehensive forecast on recruitment trends for 2015, across a range of market sectors and disciplines. Download the Eden Scott Recruitment Market Insight Report 2015.

Download 2015 recruitment market report

Everything you need to know about Shared Parental Leave

22 Jan 2015

If your baby is due on or after April 5th 2015, you could be eligible for Shared Parental leave, a new initiative being introduced in Scotland, England and Wales.

Shared Parental leave is set to replace Additional Paternity Leave. Read more about the changes in this article.

What’s in store for digital in 2015?

21 Dec 2014

Digital. It’s constantly evolving and as we approach the end of another transformational year for the industry, we begin to look forward and forecast what’s in store.

Digital Transformation 2015

Scotland's Top 5 Food Brands

06 Dec 2014

As the Scottish food industry continues to thrive, export revenues are booming and expected to reach £12.5 billion by 2015. Great news for the economy, Scottish food brands are now receiving worldwide recognition.

The Interaction of Brands

20 Nov 2014

I recently had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by IPA Scotland for a discussion on the interactivity of brands and how the modern day consumer can be transformed from an idle observer into an active participant.

Brands Interacting with Their Consumers

The Importance of an Employer Brand

10 Oct 2014

A brand is an intangible asset that differentiates a company from its competitors. For years marketers have been measuring brand equity, striving to improve it in order to gain market share and encourage consumers to choose their brand over everyone else’s.

As the war for talent intensifies, businesses are looking at methods to create and define their employer brand. An employer brand can be defined as the intrinsic attributes which communicates company culture, its presence, position and quality, in order to attract the best talent in the market and to retain employees in the business.

Attract the very best with your employer brand


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