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Scotland Votes No. What's Next?

19 Sep 2014

What happens next? Will it be business as usual or will change be coming? What we can be certain about is that everyone will be looking towards the UK government to follow through on its promises for devolution of power to the Scottish Parliament.

Industry View: Spearheading Growth for Scotland Food and Drink

16 Sep 2014

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing James Withers, the Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink. Scotland Food & Drink was established in 2007 as the leadership organisation to spearhead growth across all sectors of the food and drink industry. The organisation represents food and drink companies of all sizes across all parts of Scotland.

James Withers Scotland Food and Drink

#indyref2014 - What Social Media Can Tell Us About The Referendum

04 Sep 2014

In the lead up to the Referendum, many have been striving to understand how Scotland would be affected by either a yes or a no vote. With the power ultimately lying in the hands of the voters, any insight into public sentiment is highly valuable at this stage, particularly on key topics such as job creation and the economy. With this in mind, it seems clear that social media is a key tool in gaining this understanding.

I Quit! Famous Resignations

19 Aug 2014

Whether it's the commute, the hours, or a combination of factors, many people come to a point in their lives where they need to quit a job, regardless of whether they have a new role to move on to. If your experience has been particularly bad, it can be tempting to leave in a blaze of glory - so tempting, in fact, that on average 52% of employees say that they would want to go viral if they were leaving a bad job, according to CNET. Here is a selection of the best (and worse) ways people have said "I quit!"

Auditing your business success

07 Aug 2014

When managing a business, it’s easy to become reliant on finances as a mark of successful business performance. There are many other factors that are significant when it comes to performance, such as the knowledge and skills of your team, their happiness, and your connections within your industry. Audit your business performance in all areas, and you’ll have a far more meaningful understanding of your current and future success.

Ready, set, go! The Graduate Journey

05 Aug 2014

Get ready, 2015 Graduates – your future awaits. Whether that’s a future of internships, experiencing other cultures, or as yet to be decided, your final year of University is the time to get this all under way. It might feel intimidating – adding more to the to do list than simply “pass 4th year” is a troubling prospect, but having the future you want depends on what you do now. What will it hold for you?

Women in Engineering: Solving The Gender Imbalance

05 Aug 2014

Presently there is a significant gender imbalance within the engineering sector, with women currently making up less than 10% of the workforce. Alarmingly, we're continuously bombarded with news reports regarding the expanding skills gaps within technical fields and the gender imbalance in the industry.

Laura Chalmers Eden Scott

Should You Really Avoid Recruiters?

20 Jul 2014

Recruitment. To some it’s like marmite; you either love it or hate it.

We recently attended a seminar where one of the speakers informed a group of small business owners “don’t use recruitment agencies”. This generic sweeping statement appeared to resonate with a few in the room, who nodded slowly in agreement. However why do some people have such a negative view of recruitment?

What Do The Latest Oil and Gas Job Cuts Mean?

16 Jul 2014

Following the news that there have been further job cuts in the Aberdeen job market, Eden Scott Managing Director James Milne provides some context into why there has been changes within some oil and gas firms over the past few weeks.

Gender Balance - Women Mean Business

03 Jul 2014

In the last few months there has been a very hot debate around the UK Government wanting to achieve 25% of company directors to be women by 2015.

Gender Balance - Women in Business


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