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Celebrating Scotland's Tech Talent

20 Jun 2014

Eden Scott had the pleasure of attending Dog Digital's #DFest2014 to mark their 126th birthday (in dog years) as well as the the 2014 Digital Technology Awards at the Glasgow Marriott to celebrate excellence within Scotland's booming IT sector.

Digital Technology Awards Scotland

How to Maintain a Work Life Balance With Family

12 Jun 2014

Working parents are often said to be trying to have it all. Life pulls in many different directions - our careers, our families, even our pets, they all require our time, our energy, our interest. Long working days due to commutes or shift work, particularly with to the prevalence of the service industry in the UK, can mean that time with children in particular can seem very limited, but it doesn’t have to be. New technologies, more flexible workplaces and a little forward planning mean there are ways of making sure that your long workday doesn't affect your quality time with the people who matter most to you.

Balance a Long Working Day with Family Time

How Employers Can Support Working Fathers

12 Jun 2014

As an employer, it’s often difficult to get the right balance with employees, maintaining a formal working relationship while being empathetic to home life. Although over the years this has been a far more common consideration for working mothers, increasingly fathers are wishing that they too could be more involved in their children’s lives. We considered the best ways employers could lend support to their working fathers.

How to support working dads

Paternity Leave – The Facts

10 Jun 2014

Meeting your new baby is magical. Even though you’ll probably be sleep deprived and a little overwhelmed, the joy after the nine-month wait to see their face is hard to beat. As a new dad, it’s crucial to bond with your baby from the start, through touch, eye contact and voice.

Paternity Leave UK Facts

Style Tips For Working Dads

10 Jun 2014

The length of time it takes to make a first impression has been studied repeatedly, with results varying from half a minute, right down to a tenth of a second. Not very long, huh? The length of time it takes for a toddler to throw porridge on your tie is roughly the same. Dressing for how you want to be perceived at work is incredibly important, but if you’re a busy dad, chances are you’ve got some pretty crucial things to be dealing with before 9am like packed lunches and school runs. It is possible to balance the two, and through a few steps involving assessment and forward planning, you can look effortlessly sharp in an instant.

Working Dad Style

Learn From TV’s Working Dads

09 Jun 2014

Babies and boardrooms, toddlers and trade shows, teenagers and time sheets – it’s not easy being a committed working dad with these kinds of clashes. We decided to look to some of our favourite dads of the small screen to get some tips on how they balance it all.

Don Draper Work

Innovation in the North East

29 May 2014

If we continue to do things as we always do, then we’ll never adapt and grow.

Aberdeen is home to some of the brightest minds in the country, however they are underutilised. One method to drive innovation in the city is for companies to collaborate with Robert Gordon’s University and the University of Aberdeen, to provide students with the opportunity to work and learn in a practical environment and not left to rely on theoretical practices.

Think about the benefits industry experienced graduates could have on your business.

Aberdeen Business

BYOD: Essential or a Security Nightmare?

10 Apr 2014

Bring your own device (BYOD) is not a new idea - people have been bringing their own devices to work for years now. Employees expect to be able to use their own devices in the work place and many see it as essential to allow for flexible working.

Bring Your Own Device To Work

Budget 2014: What it Means For Jobseekers

24 Mar 2014

Last week George Osborne revealed the 2014 budget. Whilst there’s been a hub of activity since it was announced, I was keen to consider what this means from a jobseeker and worker’s perspective.

Budget 2014 UK Jobseekers

Challenges Facing the UK Continental Shelf

24 Mar 2014

We recently had the pleasure of attending an insightful discussion on the challenges facing the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) at the Scottish Oil Club. The talk was presented by Oonagh Werngren, Operations Director at Oil and Gas UK and PESGB. Oonagh's presentation commented on the Oil and Gas UK's PILOT scheme and the findings from the Wood Report.

Scotland oil and gas recruitment


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