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More Support Required For Aberdeen's Growing Firms

06 Mar 2014

More could be done to support Aberdeen's growing businesses and help stimulate growth, according to a number of industry experts. Aberdeen BusinessThis news follows yesterday's Business Insider "Deal and Dealmakers" breakfast hosted at The Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen, which a team of Eden Scott consultants attended.

Aberdeen Business Buying and Selling

Scotland's Job Seeker Report 2014

05 Mar 2014

The Scottish recruitment market is in growth mode. With business confidence returning to employers, opportunities are opening and companies are looking to welcome new talent.

Scottish Recruitment Trends

Glasgow’s Miles Better on Jobs than Study Suggests

21 Feb 2014

Glasgow City Council is contesting the results of a recent study that suggests the city fared poorly on jobs and employment during the recent recession, compared to other UK towns and cities.

Glasgow Recruitment

Scottish Independence: Impacting Business

09 Dec 2013

So it's a contentious issue; should Scotland be an independent country?

Everyone’s Talking About Commercial Finance

14 Nov 2013

But what is it? After publishing an article on commercial accountancy and the changing perception of hiring managers, I received a plethora of responses from those voicing their opinions on the matter.

Paul Buchan Eden Scott

Commercial Accountants: Demonstrating Their Worth

25 Oct 2013

Hang up your tweed suits, the world of accountancy is changing.

Accountants have traditionally been viewed as number crunchers that analyse and communicate historical financial data to their clients. A process driven role, accountants were regarded as the bookkeepers in a business, the sort of people who put blocks on marketing budgets and business investments to protect the bottom line.

Paul Buchan Eden Scott

Scotland Food & Drink: The Road To 2017

14 Oct 2013

We recently had the pleasure of attending the Scotland Food and Drink conference at the RBS Conference Centre in Edinburgh. As members of Scotland Food and Drink, we have specialised consultants, with industry experience, who specifically recruit within the Scottish food and drink market.

Business Spotlight: Petroceltic

12 Oct 2013

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Scottish Oil Club in Edinburgh to hear an insightful talk from Petroceltic’s CEO, Brian O’Cathain, on the challenges the business faces in Algeria.

Nicolle Sinclair Eden Scott

Scotland Food & Drink: A Hunger For Talent

30 Sep 2013

It’s great to see Scotland’s food and drink industry continuing to flourish. Whilst the Scottish Food & Drink fortnight is underway, celebrating the best that Scotland’s food larder has to offer, it seems apt to reflect on the success of the industry in recent years.

Alasdair Murray Eden Scott

Scotland's SME Community: People Matter

15 Sep 2013

I attended the excellent 3rd National Business Convention yesterday, delivered by SCDI and The Federation of Small Business.

Craig Jackson Eden Scott


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