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Competency Based Interview

27 Feb 2018

Competency based interviews are an increasingly common style of interview which asks the candidate to use examples of previous actions to predict future behaviour.

Competency Based Interview

The Benefits of Using Temporary Staff

21 Feb 2018

There are plenty pf benefits of using temporary staff - here are just a few compiled by our new Associate Consultant Jai Reynolds

Benefits of Using Temporary Staff

Getting Your Dream Job in Content Creation

15 Feb 2018

One of the fastest-growing areas of digital marketing recruitment in 2017 was content creation - so how do you land your dream job in this field?

Working with Recruiters - dispelling a myth

07 Feb 2018

Have you ever considered working with a recruiter, but were worried your boss would find out? We're here to tell you why that isn't likely to be a problem.

working with recruiters

The Top Five Skills Within the Food and Drink Industry

11 Dec 2017

With bold new plans afoot and more development on the horizon, we have identified five key skills areas within the Food and Drink industry where we have seen the most opportunity for growth.

Food and Drink Industry

Five Steps to Landing a Wind Turbine Technician Role

08 Nov 2017

It's an exciting time for the wind power industry in Scotland - there's no better time to break into renewables sector and become a wind turbine technician

Wind Turbine Technician

A Day in the Life of an Associate Recruitment Consultant

11 Oct 2017

Have you ever wondered what recruiters do on a day to day basis? One of the newest editions to our team will shed some light on what we get up to.

Associate Recruitment Consultant

The Times They Are A Changin’…

12 Jul 2017

The Times They Are A Changin’… So sang world weary troubadour Bob Dylan. Was he singing about jobs in Aberdeen? Given that he wrote the song in New York’s Greenwich Village in 1964, probably not.

Working for charities when times are tough

29 Jun 2017

In 2011, as the country dragged itself out from the doldrums of of the 2008 recession I had the good fortune to be at a lunch with the, now former, Chief Executive of a well-known UK children’s charity. He was explaining to me the oxymoronic situation charities find themselves in when the economy hits the skids. So now as we creep (and I say that in very quiet terms with no discussion of green shoots) from the jaws of recession, where does this leave the third sector?

The Gig Economy - Modern Business or Exploitation

22 Jun 2017

Many of us in the recruitment industry have been watching the latest developments in relation to the “gig economy” with great interest as it adds to an ever-changing landscape in both workers’ rights and employer responsibilities.

Gig Economy


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