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Choose Recruitment: a graduate's perspective

10 Sep 2019
Euan Lannon

Choose Recruitment

Choose Recruitment

At the risk of sounding like a Trainspotting rip-off; I’m going to tell you why you should choose recruitment. 

Admittedly, nobody grows up dreaming of becoming a recruitment consultant – it doesn’t have the same glamour to it as being an astronaut or race car driver. However, we all have to accept that we might not achieve our pipe dreams and begin thinking about our careers. 

Choose recruitment. 

Choose opportunity

As a soon-to-be university graduate, no matter what discipline, you might be thinking you have no idea what career you want to build or life you want to lead. Don’t be worried - I was the same. The first step is figuring out what drives you. I like people. Well, most people. That was my biggest driver, knowing I wanted to work with people and spend my days talking to them. 

In recruitment you will get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life every day. It is an industry where no two days are the same – which is such a cliché. No matter what your preconceived thoughts are there is no questioning the amount of opportunity in the industry. 

Opportunity to build a network. Opportunity to succeed. Opportunity to progress. In the realm of recruitment, opportunity is endless. 

Choose the industry

Making your first phone call as a recruitment consultant will fill you with dread. This is totally normal and gets the adrenaline pumping. As you adapt and learn your style will become more natural. The more natural you become the more confident you become. 

Recruitment consultants can get a bad rap - some employers and employees certainly don’t help the reputation. Stories of endless phone calls and aimlessly trying to hit KPIs might be rife, but recruitment isn’t about just that – at least not at Eden Scott. 

Choose “The People Business”

The People Business. It does have ring to it – but it is the best way to describe this growing and dynamic recruitment agency that prides itself at providing a tremendous service that can be tailored to the needs of clients and candidates alike. 

The most important people in any organisation are the employees and Eden Scott is an example of this. The Eden Scott team all love where they work and make this clear when you join, welcoming the graduates openly and making you feel as comfortable as possible.

 The graduate rotation programme sees you spend a week with each division to learn, develop and hone your skills before joining a team and building your own desk. I am writing this in my hfifth week of employment at Eden Scott and can safely say I feel I have made the right choice in employment and employer. 

When you come to making your decision about what career path you would like to go down I cannot recommend recruitment enough. Choose recruitment. Choose Eden Scott. 

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