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Developer Salary: Here's What Developers Are Earning In 2024

Developer salary
Without development and testing teams, there would be no software to speak of. From startups to large tech conglomerates, dev and test employees are critical to product roll out and ultimately, profitability. 

While the tech industry has faced turbulence over recent months, skilled developers are still in high demand. Although top developer candidates aren’t attracted to a role by pay package alone, they do expect a fair and competitive salary.

Developer Salaries

Here’s a list of average salaries for development and testing teams. As you’d expect, salaries increase with candidate skills and experience. For more guidance on this, speak to the Eden Scott tech team.

Developer Salary: Here’s what developers are earning in 2024

Combining insights from the Eden Scott tech team, Eden Scott clients and existing market research.

About developer salaries

While these figures aren’t exact, in our experience they are the going rates for developers and testers in 2024. We may see micro fluctuations, but unless there are any major market changes in 2024, we expect these salaries to stay pretty consistent throughout the year. 

Paying these rates will help both tech companies and companies with tech teams to attract the best candidates within their respective experience and skill weighting categories. 

Is it just about the salary?

In short: no. Only 16% of tech workers viewed a competitive compensation package as the most important factor when choosing a new role, according to new research commissioned by Eden Scott. 

We polled 500+ UK tech workers to find out what would make a role offer most attractive to them Overall, they reported work-life balance as the most important priority (28%), with professional development opportunities coming second (17%).

When it came to benefits, flexible working was most popular amongst tech workers (37%), followed by additional paid time off (15%).

There are more insights like this over on our 2024 Tech Recruitment report. Check it out - the results might surprise you. 

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