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Eden Scott and Ipso Facto Deliver HR Management Seminar to Medical Start Ups

28 May 2013

We recently had the pleasure of presenting a HR Management seminar at Edinburgh Bio Quarter alongside Gaelle Ciriego of Ipso Facto. As Europe’s fastest growing medical centre, Edinburgh Bio Quarter collaborates with and supports medical start-up businesses to develop and grow.

Recruitment Has Evolved

We started the session by highlighting the diverse and evolving recruitment landscape. Many start-ups believe that finding a good candidate requires a large budget, however the real requirement is using the budget wisely,

Emphasising the importance of investing in new channels, such as social media and networking, we then iterated the importance of finding the best person and not the best applicant. Tap into the right networks to find the perfect person for your business, and avoid focusing on generating the most applicants.

Nurture and Develop to Motivate and Retain Talent

Gaelle presented the second half of the seminar, focusing on HR policies and principles to motivate and encourage talent to reach their potential and perform better.

When recruiting new people into a start-up, it is vital to keep them engaged and motivated to help your business grow. This is achieved through various methods, such as company induction programmes, establishing goals and conducting appraisals. Inflated salaries are no longer the main motivator for employees, who respond more to culture fit and feeling valued within an organisation.

As an analogy, managers should think of themselves as satellite navigation systems. Employees can take multiple routes to achieve a goal, however they need guidance and direction to get there.

The Impact of HR Management on Scottish Start Ups

After the HR seminar, Craig commented “Eden Scott truly understands the challenges many small businesses encounter when recruiting new employees. Eden Scott offers tailored support not just in hiring, but also have the required networks to support Start UP and SME clients achieve their growth plans. By helping the businesses of tomorrow develop their recruitment and HR strategies, we aim to help shape Scotland’s economic and business future, as well as deliver strong results for start-up enterprises.”

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