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Eden Scott Support BHF STEM Schools Project

22 Mar 2019
Ewan Anderson

Eden Scott - With People At Heart 

January is a very busy time for Eden Scott as people look to make positive changes to their lives with a new job. We are sent a lot of CVs at this time so we thought there must be some way of combining all this activity to support our chosen charity, British Heart Foundation, Scotland

Then our friends at BHF told us about their STEM schools programme. Some of the PhD students whose research BHF support go out to local schools to introduce children to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects. It is vital to produce the researchers of the future and to support them in the fight against Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD), that children are interested in these subjects and see potential career opportunties through them. We are finding a lack of STEM students is having an impact in a range of business areas including engineering.       

So in January we committed to donating £1 for every CV that was uploaded to our website across the month. We advertised across a number of different channels and managed to build so great interest in the project. One of the students, Hannah Costello tells us why it is so important. 


The campaign was a great success and we ended up raising £1000 for BHF. This was our presentation to Hannah Costello and the school children of P5 at Echline Primary - South Queensferry. 

Thanks to all who supported us,  

Eden Scott – We have people at heart.


Ewan Anderson
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