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Eden Scott Targets Cyber Security Recruitment

16 Jan 2017
Ewan Anderson

cyber security


Scottish recruitment experts Eden Scott have introduced a cyber security section to their blossoming IT division to help meet the growing demand for talent in this area. Gareth Henry has joined the team as a cyber security specialist following three years at Spencer Ogden where he was national manager.


In November 2016 the UK Government reiterated its commitment to tackling the issue of cyber security by investing £1.9bn over the next five years. A recent report from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) indicated that 75% of IT experts from across the UK believe there is a talent shortage in the cyber security sector and that an average of 15% of jobs in this area will go unfilled by 2020.


Given the importance to both brand reputation and profit margins Gareth believes the shortage lies not with those developing the products but with those implementing the strategies to reduce the risk to companies.


“Information security is now becoming a commercial differentiator. Companies are able to trade on the level of security they can offer.


The fact that security standards are impacting on the ability to tender for government contracts and that new legislation introduced to punish firms for failing to hit standards has been introduced means proficiency in this area is essential to success.” Said Gareth


Eden Scott have looked to move early into this area, particularly for the Scottish market where there are very few specialists in this area.


Guy Martin, Founding Partner at Eden Scott, highlighted the commercial benefit to both their clients and Eden Scott.


“We know companies are differentiating themselves by the security levels they offer but it’s clear there is a real shortage of expertise in this area, particularly at the strategic level. If we can help the companies we work find the right cyber security expertise it will only help our business as we move into 2017”.



Ewan Anderson
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