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Find the Best People For Hospitality

25 Jun 2018
Sonia Czajkowska

Hospitality Recruitment

Hospitality Recruitment: finding the best people for the job

Hospitality recruitment is changing. In 2017 the British Hospitality Association (BHA) released a KPMG report on labour migration in the UK hospitality sector; the report highlights the pre- and post-Brexit challenges in hospitality recruitment as the sector continues to have the highest number of these vacancies compared to the other sectors. The number of vacancies has grown drastically by 79% in the last five years and one third of all vacancies in the sector are classed as ‘hard-to-fill’.

Certain key factors have been identified as being responsible for the imbalance in the supply-demand dynamic; the high rate of staff turnover in the sector, the lack of interest in hospitality jobs among UK workers and job seekers; and a skills gap. These challenges are predicted to increase if migration is restricted post-Brexit - the KPMG report estimates that 62,000 EU migrants per annum are currently required in the hospitality sector to maintain the present activities and to facilitate future growth.

Amidst all these challenges, it can be overwhelming for an organisation’s HR department to find the best hospitality talent, manage the paper-work, and handle the entire recruitment process. This is where the recruitment agencies with hospitality experience and expertise can make a difference; hey go the extra mile to find high quality hospitality professionals for your business and oversee the logistics of the recruitment process.

How a hospitality recruiter can help

Access to large pool of candidates

Recruitment consultants engage with candidates daily and have many skilled candidates on their databases. This means that as soon as a position becomes available they can usually fill it quickly by matching a suitable candidate from their database to the role. We have found that businesses are constantly looking to fill one or more positions due to the high employee turnover rate in the hospitality sector. The readily available pool of skilled candidates helps to keep up with the rate of hiring. Recruitment agencies can also help with last minute requirements in cases of sickness and no-shows.

Managing the recruitment process

Recruitment is a complex process - posting job advertisements, reviewing hundreds of applications and CVs, conducting multiple round of interviews, background checks, processing offer letters, ensuring all the documentation is in place, and everything in between.

At Eden Scott, every candidate is met and interviewed face to face by our recruitment consultants. We always check their references, with at least one  from a workplace, covering the experience in the role they have applied for. For temp roles we also manage their payroll and holidays.

Expertise in finding the right candidate

Hospitality consultants have the added advantage of enjoying access to candidates who might not be actively looking for a new role, but who stay in touch with the consultants to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. They also recruit for temporary ad hoc hospitality roles which gives them important insight into the reliability of the candidate and what kind of environment they’re best in (contract catering, hotels, restaurants, care homes, schools, and so on).

Hospitality Recruitment

Saving cost and time

Hiring and training new employees can be a significant overhead for hospitality businesses. Recruitment agencies can save businesses a lot of time, money and resources by posting job adverts  in the right places to attract the best candidates, utilising their access to different CV databases, and making sure that only serious candidates with a genuine passion for the hospitality industry are considered for the role.

Increasing candidate satisfaction

Recruitment consultants give equal importance to the needs of clients and candidates. They not only make sure that the candidate is the right fit for the company, but also ensure that the company is the right fit for the candidate. The requirements of the candidates are considered carefully, such as working hours, flexible shifts, benefits, company culture expectations, and so on. As a result, if the candidate is placed, he/she tends to stay in the job longer and is less likely to walk away.

Now that the oil and gas industry in Aberdeen has bounced back there is increased demand from the hospitality sector in Aberdeen with further growth is predicted. At Eden Scott we always strive to adapt to the industry trends, which is why we have expanded to our Aberdeen team and moved into the hospitality sector in Aberdeen.

Sonia Czajkowska, who has joined as a Consultant, brings three years’ experience of hospitality recruitment. At Eden Scott she focuses on recruiting for hotels, restaurants, contract catering, events and care homes for both temporary and permanent roles. The primary roles she recruits for are chefs of all levels, kitchen and front of house staff, housekeepers, domestic and cleaners, and waiting and bar staff. iI you’re looking to recruit in this area, or are looking for a new challenge, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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