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From a Law Degree to a Job in Recruitment

8 Oct 2019
Bethany Quinn

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As law students, we are only too familiar with the endless reading of undecipherable Latin and legal jargon, the mountain of case law and legislation and, of course, the unwavering concern of consuming ginger beer (Donoghue v Stevenson). But with my graduation fast approaching, basking in the reality that it was finally happening, my feelings of relief and freedom quickly became replaced with an anxiousness regarding the daunting prospect of what actually comes next. It is indisputable that to succeed when studying you must be committed to the degree - but what happens after all that if you’re not committed to law as a career?

The Reality

For me, understanding the complex evolution of the rules and sanctions that govern the way we interact as a society was utterly fascinating. However, I was aware that the day to day reality of a career in law was not guaranteed to be quite so exciting. Furthermore, upon completion of my degree, I was conscious of the fact that with 2:1 and very little legal work experience, I had nothing to distinguish myself from the highly saturated market of law graduates. In order to fund my degree, I spent all my spare time waitressing in restaurants whilst others were gaining essential experience volunteering in various law firms or completing short-term placements. So, with university over and done with and my degree in hand, fairly certain that wasn’t going to pursue a career in law, it was time to start exploring other options.

Discovering Recruitment

Fortunately, the multidisciplinary nature of a law degree is typically well-regarded amongst most professions. As a law graduate, the many transferable skills will generally increase your employability and give you the option to pursue a variety of different career paths. From my time working in the hospitality sector, I knew that I would enjoy a people-oriented industry that would allow me to build relationships on daily basis. Based on this, I began to explore the idea of a career in recruitment. I was instantly attracted to the meritocratic nature of the industry and the opportunity for intrapreneurship. As someone who has always been hard-working, the uncapped earning potential and fast opportunity for progression was incredibly enticing. Recruitment has a reputation for being a challenging industry, associated with long hours of cold calling and intense targets. However, for me, it’s worth it for the thrill of a little competition, the satisfaction of placing a candidate in their dream role and the chance to ultimately build your own brand in your chosen market. Admittedly, you need to be proactive and ambitious, this isn’t the career for you if you aren’t willing to put in the graft. But a career in law would demand the same, and for me the personal rewards and enjoyment levels are far higher in recruitment. I knew I could an equivalent amount of time and effort into both and get a lot more from a career in recruitment.

Looking to the Future

Having now been working for Eden Scott for over a month, I can categorically say I made the right decision. My legal background gave me an awareness of the recruitment process and taught me how to manage intense workloads- but honestly, attitude is everything in this industry. I have found it incredibly motivating to be surrounded by so many high achievers who are genuinely passionate about what they do. My preconceived notion about the pressures of hitting excessive and stressful KPI’s couldn’t have been further from the truth. Here at Eden Scott, recruitment consultants are encouraged to focus on being consultants rather than just recruiters. We are measured on quality of our service rather than the quantity of our phone calls. It is for this reason, that if you’re a recent graduate of law (or any other discipline), I would thoroughly recommend a career within recruitment - particularly if you’re lucky enough to work for a company like Eden Scott. If recruitment doesn’t sound like it’s for you, come and speak to us here at Eden Scott and let us help you find a career that is.


Bethany Quinn
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