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From Accounting to Recruitment

8 Nov 2019
Amanda Masuku

From accounting to recruitment

Like many people, I started thinking about applying to university in my last year of high school. I always knew I wanted to work in a business environment and so studying accounting and finance was the choice that made the most sense to me - I believe that accounting is the heart of a business.  Every business needs it; from the little corner shop on your street to the multinational brands that have become household names. By studying accounting, I was giving myself the best possible chance of joining the business world.

In hindsight, I realise that even though I was right about wanting to work in a business environment, I failed to consider whether I was the type of person who would thrive in an accounting environment. I enjoy working with people in an environment where I am constantly challenged and where no two days are the same. It took me until my 3rd year of university to reach this realisation and by then I had already committed myself to finishing my degree, so I started researching on where in the business environment I could fit in.

Why Recruitment?

It would be safe to say that - as a soon-to-be graduate who had no idea about what the future held - I was in panic mode. Anyone who knows me will tell you that the one thing I hate the most in the world is being disorganised, and not having a plan post university was a textbook definition of being disorganised to me.  

So in between studying and working I started doing my research. The first thing that I did was look at my strengths. All my life I have always had family and friends commenting on how, no matter where I am or who I am with, I am always able to build a rapport with people of all ages. I always took this comment with a grain of salt as I didn’t have confidence in my skills.  I started to embrace this as a strength of mine during my time at university as I was able to see it for myself from my interactions with other students, lecturers and colleagues at work.

So, my next step was Googling “what jobs are good for a people person?”. I’m not kidding. Out of all the options that came up, recruitment is the one that stood out to me. This is because I’d had a little taste of internal recruitment as a team leader at my part time job and I had thoroughly enjoyed it. I started looking deeper into recruitment by reading blogs, visiting recruitment company websites, and talking to the one recruitment consultant I know. From all the information I received, one thing that stood out to me was the promise that no two days would be the same. A cliché, I know, but in recruitment it’s entirely accurate. Working in the ‘people business’ is exciting because unlike numbers in accounting, people can be hard to figure out and you need to be resilient to succeed in this industry. I am someone who loves a challenge so I knew that this is the industry where I would thrive and where I would be excited to wake up every morning.

You would think that since I had now decided what I wanted to do that the panicking would be over, but unfortunately all it did was a bring something new to stress over. What company?

Why Eden Scott?

When I came across Eden Scott, I knew that this was where I wanted to be. I had a lot of time to look across all the recruitment agencies and Eden Scott was the one that offered the best opportunity for a graduate like me who had no experience in the sector. Throughout my application process I was promised an environment that would be less KPI focused and more concerned with my training and development.  As I now start my second month at Eden Scott, I can tell you it delivers exactly what it promises. I am currently going through rotations in all the sectors Eden Scott works in to give me a well-rounded view of the company and to allow me to choose where I best believe I would be able to flourish. The fact that I am given this option to experience the whole company instead of being pigeonholed somewhere shows me that they are truly invested in my development. 

I would thoroughly recommend a career within recruitment, particularly at Eden Scott.


Amanda Masuku
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