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From the Consultants: How to Reach Your Goals in Your Job Search

31 Jul 2014

Reach Your Goals Consultant Advice

Everyone could use some help now and again, especially during a job search. Whether your tactic is to network during a job search, employ social media or a blend of everything in between, having a guiding idea behind your strategy can help to make the whole operation feel far more structured and effective.

Let us lend a hand - here is some advice from our experienced consultants, on the best way to reach your goals during your search for a new role.


Alasdair Murray, Food and Drink

Alasdair Murray Food and Drink 

Be realistic, don’t apply to every job! Instead plan and map out exactly what it is you are looking for and engage with specialists within your chosen field.


Paul Buchan, Accountancy and Finance

Paul Buchan Accountancy and Finance 

Make sure that you have exhausted all opportunities with your current employer before you look externally. That way you can be confident you have given your employer the best you can before moving on.


Sarah Brown, Business Support

 Sarah Brown Business Support

I think the best way to reach your goal is to have an open mind and know what your key motivators are for moving role. When seeking assistance from an agency, it is best to set clear expectations from the outset regarding your career move and what you would like to achieve. Honesty is the best policy!


Sally Rae, Sales & Marketing 

Sally Rae sales marketing

I think it's important for candidates to have specific goals - know who you want to work for, where you want to be in five years plan, and ultimately have a great plan for your career. If you have this, then we can absolutely help you get there.


Jennifer Telfer, Digital Marketing

Jennifer telfer digital marketing

It's important to actively build your presence in your market, and I would absolutely recommend that you know where you want to go in your career - the combination of the two will put a candidate in an incredibly strong position.


Do you have some great advice for reaching your goals in a job search? We'd love to hear about it! Let us know below.


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