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Get the Competitive Edge. Hire the Right Sales People

18 Nov 2014

Get the competitive edge - hire the right sales people 

Your business needs to make money. Better still, your business needs to make a profit.

Sales, love it or hate it, lies at the heart of your business. Success stems from the strength of your sales team. Hiring weak sales people will yield weak results. Finding a good sales person can be complex, and recruiting them even harder, therefore here are our top 5 tips to help you get the best money making team on board.

1. Write a Robust Job Description

To attract good sales people, create a strong job description. Include factors such as targets, incentives and company culture. Potential candidates want to join a good company, so make sure to represent your employer brand in a positive way.

2. Reach Out to Quality Recruitment Partners

Many small business owners don’t realise the value in partnering with a recruitment business, or select a recruiter who is not suited to their business. A good quality recruitment business will have an active interest in your strategic goals, and take the time to fully understand how your business operates and its corporate culture.

A good quality recruitment business, like Eden Scott, has well established connections to source high quality sales people that fit with your business.

3. Maximise Reach

For sales roles, quantity is crucial at the beginning of the recruitment process. Prior to interviews aim to have a minimum of ten good quality CVs ready to be shortlisted. Shortlisting the applicants will aim to find the high quality candidates that are right for the role.

4. The Interview

The interview is the perfect time to understand the candidate’s skills and experience. Set them a task which requires them to present to you - sales people need to be excellent communicators, therefore this will allow you to gauge whether they are suitable for the position.

One absolutely vital statistic every sales candidate should be asked is how much revenue they generated for their previous company. Money orientated and good sales people will know the exact figure off the top of their head.

5. Retaining Sales People

The people that are generating business and money for your business need to be rewarded well. A good base salary will keep your sales team motivated and less likely to want to move on. Give them the right level of recognition and reward. Micro-managing your sales team is only likely to demotivate them - let your sales staff shine and give them responsibility to manage their workload.

If performance begins to dip, act quickly and investigate any possible causes for the slowing results. If an individual sales person needs support, ensure they get it. Sales can be a difficult job at times and it's vital that your sales team are valued and respected.

Final Thoughts

Whilst all business functions are crucial for survival, sales provide that consistent stream of incoming cash to keep your business afloat. Not everybody is a born sales person, therefore finding the right candidate to help your business grow can be particularly daunting. By utilising the techniques above, finding the ‘star’ sales person should be a lot easier.


For more information on the perfect sales team, contact our Sales and Marketing experts - visit their Market page here.


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