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Getting Your Dream Job in Content Creation

15 Feb 2018
Claire Anderson

Content Creation

Getting your dream job in Content Creation.

One of the most interesting and fastest-growing areas of digital marketing recruitment in 2017 was content creation. Roles where the post holder is required to create exciting, effective and unique content for an organisations customers were increasingly in demand.

Content is no longer simply the filler that a sales pitch is hung on. The trend of clients moving towards a more personalised approach to marketing shows no signs of slowing down and we expect to be recruiting for a range of great roles in this field.

However, as one of the most accessible areas of the digital field - the skills required are found in many academic, creative, and professional backgrounds - our clients are increasingly demanding the very top talent in this area. With consumers being inundated with blog posts, reviews and information, more than ever content will increasingly need to stand out to continue to deliver ROI.

With that in mind; how do you ensure that you get in front of top employers for whom you are desperate to wield a virtual pen, and once you have managed to secure that interview, how do you make the job yours?

What type of background are our clients looking for in a CV?

Our candidates, who sometimes end up writing for some of world’s top brands, are a very diverse bunch. From traditional marketing degrees and digital marketing specialists, to journalists and English graduates, andeven a wider focus on the wider social sciences - it is all about being able to write.

It is important in your CV that you can demonstrate a genuine wish to create and that this is evidenced, if not through your work history then at least through your external hobbies. For example, at university there will have been opportunities to create blog posts, review writing, writing for the student paper and website, and so on. Ideally you will have volunteered for these sorts of activities. If you have veered into a wider role in marketing and wish to refocus, it is important that you ensure that you have the home fires burning in terms of your skill set. This brings us nicely on to…

Content Creation

The Portfolio

Numero uno in terms of importance - this is what our clients need to see.  It can be difficult to know what to take with you, so try to think about what you would be writing about if you got the job. For example, if it’s a very technical IT company a big part of the role is probably going to be the ability to take in complex information outside of your core experience and write about it in a way that other non-techies can get excited about. On a wider basis, it’s important that you can demonstrate the ability to work within a brand’s tone, style and culture. So for each interview really think about the company you want to work for, read as much as you can about them, and carefully select the pieces which best demonstrate how you could contribute to the business.

The Interview

At the interview, make sure you bring a wide range of work in addition to what you’ve included in your portfolio. You should have had more time to prepare by this point and have a really good idea of what you are looking to demonstrate in terms of style.

It’s common to be asked to complete a short task or piece of writing during an interview. Tempting though it is to dust off your internal Oxford dictionary and really show off your prose-writing ability, remember that you are writing not for your own pleasure, but to sell. Always pivot back to what you have learned about their organisation, the content they produce, and the audience in mind. Traffic -driving, business-winning, customer-securing words help you get the dream job over an elegant turn of phrase that is pretty, yet superfluous.

It can all seem a bit overwhelming, but great writing, and the ability to tailor that writing to your chosen field of expertise, will always shine through. Throughout 2018 we are going to be working with some great brands and for candidates in this marketplace there is going to be a wealth of opportunities. If you would like to discuss your CV and background, or would like some advice around the market, please contact Claire Anderson at or call Claire on 0141 410 1009.

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