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September 2023: WhatsApp Scam 
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Growing successful teams with the right HR Tech

HR Tech

The Right HR Tech To Grow

During times of uncertainty, companies streamline their resources - only the most effective tools and services make the cut. As turbulence persists in the UK and global markets this year, we’ll see more organisations refining their HR tech tool suite.

Ultimately, this shift in focus will be a good thing for the HR industry, forcing teams to become more strategic about their approach to acquisition and engagement. When teams need to justify every penny spent, they soon become savvy about which resources really work and which are window dressing. 

So I've taken a deep dive into the HR tech solutions currently shaping the industry and reviewed how HR teams can allocate their smaller budgets wisely.

Recruitment Technology

The team and I have delved into the world of recruitment technology, including Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tools and video interviewing tools, including an interview with our video partner, Willo

We've also taken at talent rediscovery tools, virtual recruitment events, marketing automation and applicant tracking systems.   

Talent Retention

We assessed how to retain your excellent talent once you have successfully recruited them. We investigated everything from onboarding tools and predictive analytics technology to virtual and augmented reality training programmes, employee engagement systems, such as our partners at Trickle, and employee wellness and mental health digital programmes. 

Download the Report

I hope you find some value in this report [Download it above or below] and can implement some of the tools as you develop your own HR tech stack over the coming year to attract and retain the talent you need to grow your business. 

If you'd like to get in touch with our team or me, you can find me here or the rest of our team here.  

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