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How To Approach Your Job Search

4 Apr 2014

Following Heather's article on planning a career change, discover the best methods to approach your job search.

Looking for a job can be a daunting prospect and it can be difficult to know where to start.

But remember that somebody somewhere will be looking to fill a role which is close to what you want and which requires your skills and strengths.  Focus your time and effort completely on finding this role and your job search has a much better chance of success.

How to Start Your Job Search

Better to make just a few, carefully prepared applications or direct approaches than use a scattergun system of trawling the internet and sending out hundreds of applications.

Research your market, network and target organisations and sectors which you think could use someone like you. Be clear about what skills, strengths and experience you have to offer to a potential employer, and prepare thoroughly to communicate these persuasively.

Your CV needs to be spot on: concise, convincing and tailored each time you use it.

Make yourself visible on-line. Set up a Linkedin page and make it good:  complete every field and include the words by which you think a potential employer might search for someone like you.

Arrange networking meetings, contact former colleagues, research new industries. Think win win – especially with networking. Information gathering is key - the more information you have, the more you can know where to target your search and the more you can “package” yourself and your experience appropriately.

Be organised, setting priorities and keeping a track of progress including making a note of when to follow up discussions.

Since job hunting can be a lonely experience, use synergy – join a job search group, use a career coach, get support and encouragement from friends and family.

As with any business trying to market itself, you need to be better than your competitors at finding your potential customers and selling yourself to them.  It’s all about being proactive and taking control of searching out the right role for you.   There will be one somewhere!

About Heather McArthur

Heather McArthur Raeburn

With a background in HR and career management consulting, Heather McArthur is an experienced career coach who helps her clients to embark on the right path for the future with renewed confidence. Using a mix of face-to-face discussions, exercises, questionnaires and psychometric testing she guides them through the process of taking a thorough and objective look at who they are, what they could do in their future career and what actions they need to take to get there, including presenting themselves persuasively to potential employers. She works with people at all stages in their career, ranging from recent graduates to board directors.

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