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How to Create the Perfect Relationship with Your Recruitment Agency

11 Feb 2015

 How to create the perfect relationship with your recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies provide your company with perfectly matched candidates.

Take a moment to stop and consider: how is your relationship with your recruitment agency? Is it providing your company with the results you desire?

Successful partnerships have a huge impact on the quality and quantity of candidate intakes, and, like all good relationships, communication between both parties is key. Knowing each other inside and out can also be an advantage. Remember that the aspects of your company that agencies aren't aware of, can't be used by them to maximise results. To ensure you are utilising your recruitment agency, and maximising their potential to achieve succesful results, take a look at our guide below.

Does your organisation have a clear resourcing strategy?

  • Have you briefed the agencies you work with on your strategy?
  • How do the agencies you work with contribute to your resourcing objectives?
  • Do you keep these agencies up to date with developments in your organisations?
  • How might a clear resourcing strategy assist with your recruitment planning and help agencies meet your recruitment needs?

Do you recruit in hard-to-fill skill groups?

  • Do the agencies you work with specialise in the industry/sector you recruit into?
  • Is your agency looking overseas for talent if the skills are not available in the UK?


Do you recruit temporary staff?

  • Do the agencies you work with recognise that the quality of temporary candidates is as important as permanent?
  • Do you place good quality temp-to-perm candidates?
  • How can temporary workers be advocates for your organisation?


Do you operate a preferred supplier list (PSL)?

  • What advantages/disadvantages does the PSL bring?
  • Does HR respect the PSL arrangements to ensure fair processes for all agencies?
  • What advantages/disadvantages do you think there might be using a PSL?

Are line managers involved in the recruitment process?

  • What role do they play in the relationship between organisation and recruitment process?
  • Does their involvement add value to the relationship?
  • What are your reasons for not involving them in the recruitment?

Does your organisation have an employer brand?


  • Have you communicated this to the agency?
  • How should your employer brand be seen by prospective candidates from a recruitment agency?

Do you work in partnership with agencies and look to them to add value to your resourcing strategy/activities?

  • How do you measure agency performance, contribution and whether they are adding value to your organisation?
  • What other qualitative and quantitative measures do you think might be useful?
  • Would it be beneficial to your organisation to work in partnership with agency/ies?
  • Could working in partnership help you achieve your strategic resourcing goals and reduce costs?

Are you looking for a recruitment partner? We'd love to discuss how we can help your business grow. Get in touch today.

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