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How to Get Hired at Eden Scott

10 Jul 2015

Get a Job at Eden Scott

Get insider insight on how to land a job at one of Scotland's leading recruitment firms

Eden Scott has been at the forefront of the Scottish recruitment market since it was established in 2003. Headquartered in Edinburgh, the company has grown exponentially with two additional offices in Glasgow and Aberdeen and recruits across a wide variety of markets.

Whether you're looking to join the world of recruitment or accelerate your success by working for one of the leaders in the industry, Director Michelle Lownie explains the qualities she's looking for in future employees.


What qualities do you look for in a candidate?

Our recruitment consultants are encouraged to think like entrepreneurs from the day they join us, so we look for tenacity, resilience, integrity, passion and the drive to succeed in all of our applicants. We like people who go out of their way to make things happen rather than waiting on the world finding them. Fundamentally, we want people who can prove they will be 100% committed to the role and to Eden Scott.


What are the key growth sectors at the moment?

We currently have 75 employees across all three of our offices. As a business we spend a fair amount of time planning and devising growth strategies, we ensure that we're agile and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. This tactic has enabled us to successfully stay ahead of upward trends and react quickly to downward cycles, such as the recent economic recession.

Industries such as accountancy, financial services, IT, manufacturing and engineering are all experiencing a growth in headcount and require our services to help them find exceptional people.

Saying that, we don't simply hire on the state of the market. If the right person wanted to work with us, then we would welcome the opportunity to meet with them to discuss opening up areas of our business to accommodate them.


What do you expect candidates to know about Eden Scott before they arrive for interview?

Applicants should definitely do their homework before the interview, it can be very obvious when someone has arrived unprepared. At the very least, they should be reviewing our website and looking at our social media updates to get an understanding of us as a business.

Experienced recruitment professionals should be prepared to talk about the reputation of Eden Scott within the sector in which they specialise and the clients that we work with. We want people to be passionate about recruitment, but we also want them to be enthusiastic about working at Eden Scott. We foster a culture of trust, autonomy and integrity, many of our management team joined us as consultants - so there's the opportunity to really go the distance.


How can candidates interact with you on social media?

Social media is an effective way to show your interest in Eden Scott. All of our employees are on LinkedIn, you can reach out to any of us there or follow the brand for our latest updates. Twitter is another network in which you can interact with our employees, our teams use Twitter to share marketing information and updates so you may discover a few new things before you arrive for interview.

We don't have any expectations in how prospective employees should engage with us on social media, the only thing we would say is don't be shy.


What roles are available for recent graduates?

We like to keep our finger on the pulse and graduates are a great way to help us invigorate our team at Eden Scott.

University graduates typically join us as either a Resourcer or a Trainee Consultant. Both of these roles provide a good introduction to the world of recruitment, setting people up for a successful long term career.

Resourcers are the right hand support to Consultants. They focus on the candidate experience, managing applications and conducting interviews. Trainee Consultants is the entry level role for Recruitment Consultants, in their first few months trainees work closely with their team to establish a desk and get to grips with the processes which will turn them in to successful recruiters.

If a graduate is tenacious, driven and commercially astute, then they'll be a perfect match for Eden Scott.


Get a Job in Recruitment Scotland


What opportunities are there for experienced recruiters?

Without breaking out the clichés - the sky is the limit!  We are a robust entrepreneurial business with no third party shareholders, bank or finance debt and therefore in charge of our own destiny. We provide an opportunity for likeminded individuals to escape the pressure of overbearing KPIs and international brands where they are not recognised for their achievements.

At Eden Scott, experienced recruiters are given the opportunity to breathe and manage their desk to their own abilities. Sure, there's a job to be done, but we trust the people we hire and this approach allows our consultants to think autonomously and as an entrepreneur to get the job done.

There's also the added perks of a fantastic base salary, industry leading commission structure and an array of fantastic prizes to be won each year. Over recent years, our teams have jetted off to Rome, St Lucia, Capetown and Bangkok for their exceptional achievements. Eden Scott can really take people places!


What types of questions do you typically ask in an interview?

Whilst there's always the standard questons like, "Why do you want to work for Eden Scott?", I am also interested to hear about people's recruitment motivators. I usually ask graduates, "Why do you want to work in recruitment?" and for experienced consultants I ask "Why did you choose to specialise in your particular sector?".

My big question is "Where do you see yourself in 1 or 2 year's time in the role?", in which I'm looking to assess their personal level of ambition and commitment to the role.


What questions should candidates ask you in an interview?

Candidates should never get too hung up on asking questions in our interviews, rehearsed questions are often obvious particularly when they don't fit in with what is being discussed. However if candidates do have a question, then they should ask it.

The least effective question that I'm asked in an ivnerview is "Is there anything about this role that you think I can't do?" and "Is there anything about me that you think won't fit with the company?". If you need to ask these questions, then it highlights your doubt and only flags up negatives during what should be a positive interview process.


What’s the biggest mistake that people make in interviews?

People attending an interview must prepare. You cannot fluke an interview with Eden Scott, be ready to present yourself and take the time to fully understand your CV, the job description and why you think Eden Scott is the company for you. Interviews can make even the most distinguished person crumble into a bag of nerves, which we completely take into account, but don't let nerves get the best of you. Practice with a friend or relative ahead of the interview so you feel relaxed and are ready to answer the questions.

For the experienced professional, a good history of billing isn't always enough, we're looking for culture fit and people with long term career ambitions.


What should candidates wear to an interview?

Whilst we're fairly relaxed here at Eden Scott, we do expect applicants to be well groomed and dressed in business wear. As a professional services company, candidates should wear suitable clothing for this environment.

Our consultants aren't stuck behind a computer all day, they're encouraged to get out and about, so you need to be dressed appropriately for that sudden client meeting.


Do you recommend candidates follow up with a thank you email after the interview?

Definitely, a short thank you email which outlines a positive interview experience and continued interest in the role is a great indicator that a candidate is serious about the role. It also iterates that the candidate is passionate about working for Eden Scott and demonstrates a proactive nature...which takes us right back to the first question - what qualities do we look for in a candidate.


Interested in joining our great team? Then take a look at our careers.

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