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How to help employees feel enthusiastic about the year ahead

9 Dec 2021
Lindsey Boxall

Let's face it, it's been a tough couple of years for businesses, and employees have been required to weather some vicious storms. 

A low employee retention rate can wreak havoc for businesses, as a loss of skills and employee resources means that productivity often takes a hit. Attracting new talent to your team is essential, but it's just as important to keep existing employees happy and motivated in their roles. 

So, how can you help your team feel enthusiastic about the year ahead when they return in January 2022?

Give thanks

Remind your team how grateful you are for their support over the past year, and thank them. Not sure what constitutes a good thank you? We've written a detailed blog about giving meaningful thanks to employees, which is well worth reading. 

Explain your plans 

Provide your team with insight into the company's direction in 2022. Detail confirmed projects and partnerships, as well as new ventures you plan to embark upon. Explaining company plans to employees can help them to feel included and valued. 

However, don't give insights into prospects that have not yet been confirmed, as if they fall through, this will only lead to disappointment and disengagement for your team. 

Assign personal challenges

During personal development challenges, it's a good idea to give individual team members personal targets to achieve in 2022. Personal development is a highly motivating factor for many employees. Having one-to-one discussions about personal objectives will help team members improve their confidence and, in all likelihood, their performance over the next year. 

Offer planned pay rises

While salary isn't the only motivating factor for employees, it is significant. Employees who feel undervalued are likely to look elsewhere for companies that offer them a higher salary. Even if you're not prepared to give an employee an immediate pay rise, being proactive with discussing a salary increase with them can be a real motivating factor. 

Explain the timescale for a salary increase and the conditions attached, and you're sure to see a more enthusiastic team. 

Announce extra benefits 

Whether offering an enhanced pension package, improved healthcare options or even the ability to purchase extra time off, let your team know of new benefits on the horizon. 

A robust benefits package is as crucial to existing employees as to new recruits, so ensure yours is up to date with your competition.


Final thoughts

By showing gratitude, offering opportunities for personal development and revealing more substantial employment packages, you're likely to see a highly enthused workforce ready to take on 2022.

Next steps

Are you looking for new talent to join your team in 2022? Discuss your requirements with Eden Scott.


Lindsey Boxall
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