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How to Maintain Company Culture As Your Business Grows

Maintaining Company Culture

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If you want to know more about maintaining company culture as you scale then be sure to tune into our recent podcast episode – How to maintain company culture as your business grows where we interview XDesign’s People Lead, Hayley Reaper.  

XDesign is scaling quickly and growing in different regions around the world. Hiring new staff in different countries and across a range of specialisms can make it hard to maintain consistency in hiring practices and onboarding, affecting retention. When this happens at pace, it can become even, more challenging.  

Join Ewan, Natalie and Hayley as they discuss the ins, outs and learnings from maintaining company culture while growing at scale. 

Why company culture matters  

Here’s the truth: happy employees equal happy business. Engaged teams are more productive, stay longer, and are driven to drive results for the business. That’s why keeping your culture strong as you scale is essential for continued growth and prosperity.  
So, how do you maintain your culture as you scale? 

Define and communicate core values 

Clearly communicate your organisation’s core values and ensure every employee understands them. Reinforce these values through regular communication, integrating them into daily operations and showcasing them in decision-making processes. 

Leadership alignment  

Ensure that leadership is aligned with the company’s culture. Leaders play a crucial role in setting out and reinforcing cultural norms. Regularly assess leadership practices and behaviours to ensure they’re inline with the values that you want to promote. 

Invest in onboarding  

Create a comprehensive onboarding process that involves new hires in your company culture from day one. This includes introducing them to core values, company history, and the shared vision that brings everyone together within the organisation. 

Employment engagement programs 

Develop initiatives that encourage employee engagement and collaboration. This could involve team-building activities, mentorship programs, or regular company meetings. Engaged employees are more likely to embrace company culture.  

Transparent Communication 

Keep communication channels open and transparent. Share the company’s growth strategy, milestones, and in any way that aligns with your established culture. Employees appreciate being kept in the loop and involved in the journey. 

Adaptability and flexibility  

Understand that as your company grows, certain aspects of the culture may naturally evolve. Be open to embracing new ideas and perspectives while maintaining the fundamental values that define your organisation.  

Benefits of Maintaining good company culture  

Employee engagement and satisfaction: A positive company culture fosters a sense of belonging and purpose among employees. When employees feel connected to the organisation’s values and mission, they are more likely to be engaged and satisfied in their roles.  

Retention of talent: A strong company culture helps attract and retain top talent. Employees who resonate with the organisational values and enjoy the working environment are more likely to stay with the company, reducing turnover and the associated costs of hiring and training new employees. 

Increased productivity: A positive culture promotes a collaborative and supportive work environment, leading to improved teamwork and communication. This, in turn, enhances productivity as employees are more likely to work together efficiently towards common goals.  

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