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How to secure administration and office admin jobs

Administration jobs
Are you looking for administration jobs or office admin jobs? Administration professionals are responsible for the smooth running of any organisation - they play an important support role. 

Many people enjoy administration and office admin jobs because of their flexible nature. The roles are often well compensated and have clear-cut hours, so you won't feel you're taking work home with you.


Type of administration jobs 

Administration jobs come in several forms. Often, the requirements of administration roles are specific to the needs of individual companies, and you will need to learn their industry's nuances. 

For example, an HR administrator will have different responsibilities to an academic administrator.

Here are some typical entry-level administration jobs to look out for:

  • Office administrator/Office manager
Office admin jobs involve taking care of a company's office, from greeting people to dealing with suppliers and ensuring the smooth running of the office.

  • Personal assistant
This role usually involves diary management, taking enquiries on behalf of your boss and proactively addressing requirements as they emerge.

  • Receptionist 
Receptionists manage booking and appointments, greet people and direct visitors or callers to relevant information.

  • Administrative officer
Administrative officers perform cleric and support duties for one team or more. They must often quickly respond to different needs in order of priority.

  • Customer service advisor 
This role involves speaking with and providing support to a company's customers. Usually, you will be the first point of contact for customers, meaning your interactions impact how customers perceive the brand.



Administrators are often the backbone of their organisations - without skilled administrators, standards can quickly begin to slip. 

With that in mind, here are some common skills you will need for administration and office admin jobs:
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Good communication skills 
  • Numeracy (and ability to interpret data)
  • Excel
  • Computer literacy 
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Ability to think on one's feet 
  • Patience and empathy


Unless you're applying for a specialist role, you're unlikely to need a degree to qualify for an administration job. 

However, having some form of formal qualification is a positive.
  • A-Levels/Highers
Finishing high school is usually a minimum requirement. Having an A-Level or Highers qualification can often make you an attractive candidate.

Having any post-high school qualification can be advantageous. You could also look for courses catered to specific administration skills, including:
  • Level 2 or 3 Business and Administration (UK)
  • T Level in Management and Administration (England)


Entry-level administration and office admin jobs can often lead to more senior roles. Usually, companies will have their own job bands, which will specify the type of experience and skills you will need to progress to a higher level. 

To progress, it's a good idea to show a willingness by taking on more responsibilities. You could discuss your goals to progress with a manager and ask for their advice.

People who progress within administration roles tend to take on leadership responsibilities over time, so showing your ability to keep calm and level-headed under pressure will stand you in good stead.


Looking for office admin and administration jobs?

Take a look at our active roles - type 'administrator' into the search bar to get started.


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