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How to stop candidates from ghosting you

Eden scott

How to stop candidates from ghosting you

Spooky season is here. Pumpkins are being carved, costumes are being planned and horror stories are being swapped. 

So, in the spirit of Halloween, we’re talking about something truly horrifying. Something so frightening, that it makes hiring managers’ hairs stand on end at the very mention…

That’s right… we’re talking about… CANDIDATE GHOSTING (cue: gasps, screams, evil laughter, etc.)


What is ghosting?

When somebody ghosts you, they stop replying to your messages, they don’t answer calls - they stop all forms of communication.

There’s never any explanation - they just disappear without a trace, like a stealthy ghost.


Why do candidates ghost?

If only we could say! Candidates can ghost businesses for a whole variety of reasons - they found another job, they’ve decided to stay in their current role, they used your job offer as leverage, they didn’t like the interviewer’s tie…

The frustrating part is you’ll never know the exact reason for ghosting, because candidates will never tell you. *Shudder*


What’s the impact of ghosting?

The most obvious impact of ghosting is the waste of time. You could spend months sourcing credible candidates, meeting them for interviews, and even get to the package negotiation stage just to have them go silent. 

The wider impact includes the cost of hiring, wasted resources, and of course, the prevailing issue of an unfilled role.
That’s why ghosting is such a positively haunting phenomenon. 


How can you combat ghosting? 

Although you can’t stop all candidates from ghosting, there are a few things you do to encourage applicants not to vanish in a puff of smoke.


Keep your communication consistent

If you’re in regular contact with candidates and get in touch when you promise to, candidates will feel more obligated to stay connected.


Ask for opinions 

Get clear on what candidates are seeking in a role, and reflect on whether your offer is meeting their expectations. Remember, the candidate might not tell you they’re unhappy, so make sure you’re clear on whether you can meet expectations.


Ask them to stay in contact

Sometimes the best way to get candidates not to ghost you is to… ask them not to ghost you. Explain that if, at any point in the process they change their mind about the opportunity, you would really appreciate a heads up. This might not work every time, but it certainly can’t hurt.


Recognise when you’re being ghosted…

…and move on. Don’t assume that the candidate will get back in touch with you and that the hire is in the bag. If a candidate is wasting your time, then your energy is better spent on finding a more suitable applicant elsewhere.


Don’t ghost

You might have been a ghostee, but never become a ghoster. Companies get bad reputations for ghosting applicants and wasting their time, too. So, to avoid that bad ju-ju, keep your candidates informed of the result of their application.


Phew, that was scary

But don’t worry, you made it to the end, and you’re much better equipped to deal with those pesky ghosts. For now…. muahahahaha… MUAhahahaha… MUAHAHAHAHA. 

Sorry, fell asleep on the keyboard.


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