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I Quit! Famous Resignations

19 Aug 2014

 I Quit Famous Resignation

Whether it's the commute, the hours, or a combination of factors, many people come to a point in their lives where they need to quit a job, regardless of whether they have a new role to move on to. If your experience has been particularly bad, it can be tempting to leave in a blaze of glory - so tempting, in fact, that on average 52% of employees say that they would want to go viral if they were leaving a bad job, according to CNET. Here is a selection of the best (and worse) ways people have said "I quit!"


Cake Resignation

Sweetening the Deal

No-one resigning has sugared the pill more, perhaps, than Chris Holmes. Chris is a former immigration officer with Border Force at Stansted Airport who now, thanks to his burgeoning bakery, goes by Mr Cake professionally. Following the birth of his son and expansion of new business, Chris decided to let his passion for cake do the talking. Intricately iced, it includes a fond farewell, his signature (for legal purposes), and the web address of his new business so that if they enjoyed his resignation, they could order another. How sweet!


Employee v BossBoss v employee

Right Back At You

When this employee quit her job, it’s possible she didn’t expect her boss to respond in the same way, painting her in a far worse light than originally planned. Clearly the relationship was not a happy one from either side – she cited her reasons for leaving as his awful temper, bad breath and referring to her in derogatory terms, whilst it was revealed that she had done distasteful things at office parties, was bad at her work, and incredibly rude about various employees – including the company’s lawyer.


Marching Band

Following a long-term battle against low wages, poor working conditions and difficulties with managers, Joey DeFrancesco decided to let the Renaissance Providence hotel know that he was moving on in one of the most noticeable ways possible. Joey gathered some musically inclined friends, and upon handing his letter of resignation to his manager, was fanfared out of the building. Joey has since gone on to have multiple job offers, and the attention his video has received has been integral in promoting the fight for better working conditions at his old hotel.


Thankfully, most of us do not find it necessary to involve trumpets and viral videos when we leave employment. If you do find yourself wanting to move on, it's especially important to have a new role in the wings to make the best out of a bad situation - step away from Youtube, and browse our latest vacancies instead.


Have you got a funny resignation story? We would love to hear about it - just let us know in the comments below.

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