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Innovation in the North East

29 May 2014

If we continue to do things as we always do, then we’ll never adapt and grow.

Aberdeen is home to some of the brightest minds in the country, however they are underutilised. One method to drive innovation in the city is for companies to collaborate with Robert Gordon’s University and the University of Aberdeen, to provide students with the opportunity to work and learn in a practical environment and not left to rely on theoretical practices.

Think about the benefits industry experienced graduates could have on your business.

Aberdeen Harbour

Initiatives like the Knowledge Transfer Partnership exist to provide innovative and growing businesses the opportunity and help they need to move forward, remain competitive and develop new insight. Providing stimulating opportunities as part of these initiatives enables companies to secure talented, forward thinking and innovative individuals that will give their business a fresh perspective.

Aberdeen is reliant on the oil and gas industry to keep its economy thriving. Whilst the amount of oil left in the North Sea is a contentious issue, it’s certainly not going to be around forever. When this resource runs out, how can Aberdeen continue to capitalise on the knowledge, experience and skills that are in the city? Furthermore, can these be applied to other industries and disciplines?

Innovation is vital to growth and there is no room for complacency. Aberdeen contributes over 26% to Scotland’s GDP, more than Edinburgh and Glasgow combined, the private sector needs to determine how a collaborative approach can only build upon  the city’s national and international impact.

Innovation at Work

Trust your employees. Businesses all go through periods of growth and contraction, the top performers may leave and go to your competition, however it is much more beneficial to have a company of successful and respected employees rather than one that is avoided and ignored. 

The reward of developing your employees far outweighs the negatives, by providing an innovative workplace, employees will be reluctant to leave and will be difficult to be persuade otherwise. Some of the most innovative companies in the world continuously seek input from their employees to foster a culture of innovative and independent thinking.

Innovation is not just about technology. It is about the people, the beliefs and aspirations behind a business.

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