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Innovation: Key For Business Success

23 Mar 2013

Our business growth seminar with Aviagen was a huge success last night. The event was hosted at BioCity Scotland and discussed the politics of food, scale of demand and the role of poultry as a source of protein.

Blake Williamson, Finance Director at Aviagen, took to the stage to talk through the company's growth strategy and the key fundamentals that make a successful food business.

50% of the world's poultry breeding stock comes from Aviagen. With world population estimations set to reach 9 billion people by 2045, a key challenge is going to be increasing sustainable food production.

Poultry is a primary source of protein and Aviagen are already putting measures into place to feed a growing population.

Blake highlighted one area of focus for the business is to improve the feed to weight gain ratio, which will have a positive effect on sustainable food production.

Aviagen are committed to helping their customers reduce costs. Through genetics, they're exploring methods to use less feed to increase the size of birds.

The talk also went into detail about:

  • Distaster aversion
  • Biosecurity
  • Genetics
  • Commercial impact

Aviagen have achieved their success through technological innovation, continuous investment in R&D and maintaining excellent welfare standards.

Paul Buchan, Senior Accountancy & Finance Consultant at Eden Scott found the evening very interesting. "Blake's seminar was fantastic, who would have thought a Scottish company was responsible for half of the world's poultry supply? There's a food crisis hurtling towards us, so it's certainly reassuring that Aviagen are planning ahead in order to feed a rapidly growing population."

Blake Williamson Aviagen

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