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Managing Business Growth With Strategic HR Practices

10 Jun 2013

Eden Scott recently had the pleasure of attending a masterclass, hosted by the talented team at the Alba Innovation Centre in Livingston.

Gaelle Ciriego, Director of the HR business Ipso Facto, provided insight into creating a performance focused human resources strategy. Although business growth is positive, every business experiences some form of growing pain when employee volumes rise.

Einstein famously said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed”. Scientifically we can’t argue with one of the most famous physicists of all time, however human energy can most certainly be depleted. Overstretched employees quickly burnout and become less productive. This is when a HR strategy can provide direction and structure to ensure that all employees within the business are being utilised.

Business leaders should consider the following when putting their HR growth strategy in place:


  • Lead by example and encourage the next generation of leader within your workforce
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities. Who is accountable for what?
  • Have faith in your team, empower them and allow them to develop

Strategic Growth

  • Aspiration is not the same as strategy, how are you going to achieve your goals?
  • Inform employees of the strategy, so they can help the business to follow it
  • Encourage strategic HR thinking, rather than it being seeing as an administration function


  • Reduce your priorities to a manageable number; give yourself a maximum of ten tasks at a time
  • Always finish tasks, outcomes beat activity. Don’t be seen to be busy, be seen to a project finisher

Career Progression

  • Grow with the company, or the company will grow without you
  • Be prepared to specialise in a specific area. Sometimes it’s better to be the master of one thing, rather than adept at several
  • Listen to your employees on the “front line”. Follow up on their recommendations and suggestions


  • How would you redesign the structure of the business if you were to start over? Is there anything you would change?
  • Put consistent career paths in place before growth, at a time when you’re able to create a strategy 

Over the years, HR has often been seen as the soft side of the business. People often refer to HR professionals as those that aim to keep employees happy. HR professionals ensure maximum business output via efficiency, utility and operational tactics.

Implementing Organisational Growth

Your business is ready to recruit, however what are the main considerations for any business leader or HR professional?

  • Always promote employees on output rather than length of service
  • Avoid aggravating existing employees
  • Choose the best person for the job, not the best person from one batch of CVs
  • Never hire junior employees to make up for a strategic shortfall
  • Communicate growth to the wider team and how this will improve the business

Contraction vs. Growth

Every business undergoes contraction at some point. Whether one employee or several leave your business in a short period of time, avoid panicking. Leadership is vital to conserve the organisation’s culture and to drive the HR strategy to retain and recruit new talent to continue business growth.

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