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Temping: How to Make a Good Impression

06 Aug 2018

If you have landed a job, whether temporary or permanent, it’s natural to want your first impression on the new employers to be positive and long-lasting. Here are some tips to ensure that you make a great impression in your new temporary role and secure future success.

The Benefits of Fast Recruitment

05 Jul 2018

Having a fast, decisive and well-planned recruitment process can help you attract the bets talent - and get one over on your competitors

The Benefits of Fast Recruitment

Problem Solving: the key to interview success

19 Jun 2018

The key to interview success is standing out from the crowd. The best way to do that? Problem solving.

Key to Interview Success

6 Reasons to be a Temp

07 Jun 2018

Temporary work opens many doors and can provide numerous benefits and opportunities - here are our top six reasons to consider temping

Reasons to be a Temp

Bypass the Stress: infrastructure in Aberdeen

17 May 2018

One of the biggest infrastructure projects in Scotland, the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) is nearing completion. How will it affect the city?

Aberdeen West Peripheral Route

GDPR for Small Businesses

09 May 2018

Nicky Johnston from our Aberdeen office spoke to Willie Fairhurst about the importance of GDPR to small businesses

GDPR for Small Businesses

Biotechnology in Scotland

19 Mar 2018

Biotechnology in Scotland is being driven by changing demographics, growing demand for food and fuel, and pressing global concerns

Biotechnology in Scotland

Can Scotland’s Life Sciences Sector achieve its vision for 2025?

01 Nov 2017

It has been an interesting few weeks for the Life Sciences sector here in Scotland. With continuing investment and Brexit looming on the horizon, we thought we’d take a look into the various events of the last few weeks and what impact they might have on the vision for 2025.

Life Sciences Scotland

Scotland’s Life Sciences Dinner & Annual Awards 2017

07 Feb 2017

We joined the rest of the industry in celebrating a fantastic year for Scottish Life Sciences at the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2017. We were lucky enough to chat to Julia Brown, Senior Director, Healthcare, Life & Chemical Sciences at Scottish Enterprise who gave us a fantastic round up of the nights events & insights into the winners.

Scottish Life Sciences

Is Industrial BioTechnology Scotland’s future?

03 Nov 2016

Scotland is home to a number of exciting young Industrial Biotech companies – so, who are the ones to watch? Jane Kennedy gives us her top 3

industrial biotech


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