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The Gig Economy - Modern Business or Exploitation

22 Jun 2017

Many of us in the recruitment industry have been watching the latest developments in relation to the “gig economy” with great interest as it adds to an ever-changing landscape in both workers’ rights and employer responsibilities.

Gig Economy

Auditors - Adapt or Lose Your Place At The Top Table

25 May 2017

As with many industries the world of auditing is being disrupted by technology and an increasing need to see a greater return on investment. For those hiring auditors, whether internal or external, there is an increasing demand for more strategic contribution to ensure organisations are prepared and ready for any disruption they may face. The days of completing a technical audit without providing some wider benefit to the organisations in terms of achieving their objectives is gone.


Brexit & The Art of Negotiation

20 Apr 2017

After nine months of claim, counter-claim, legislative and political manoeuvring Teresa May finally triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty at the end of March. With that so began a two year process of strenuous negotiation to enable the UK to exit the EU on favourable terms to ensure as smooth a transition to self-government as possible.

Negotiation Skills

What The Budget Means For Jobs In Scotland

09 Mar 2017

It is fair to say there was a muted response from business to the Chancellor, Philip Hammond’s, last spring time budget. We are always keen to hear what this means in terms of the labour market and how it will affect employment across the country.

Jobs in Scotland

How To Get A Career in Finance

02 Dec 2016

The world of finance can be an exciting and rewarding area to work in but it’s not always the easiest sector to get started in. As recruitment specialists we are often asked for advice on how to change direction or get started in a career, especially in finance.

Career in finance

Meet the Team - Colyn Mole on Aberdeen's Fight Back

23 Nov 2016

There is no getting away from the turbulent time we’ve all experienced up here in the north east over the last few years. But while there are obvious challenges remaining we are starting to see the people of our fine Granite City fighting back.

Colyn Mole Aberdeen

Ask Eden Scott - July 2016

28 Jul 2016

Read the transcript from our July Ask Eden Scott webinar where we answered all of your career related questions.

Ask Eden Scott Online Webinar

Temporary Employment: What Are The Main Benefits?

07 Mar 2016

Amie Harkins discusses temporary employment. What are the main benefits when compared with contract and permanent positions? Read on to find out more:

temporary employment

Crowdfunding: How Can It Help You?

06 Oct 2015

Louise Crilly, Solicitor at Harper Macleod LLP. Here Louise shares how crowdfunding can help your business get off the ground or be given a boost.

crowdfunding:How can it help you?

Rising Star One Year On

21 Sep 2015

This Thursday will see the Aberdeen business community come together to celebrate and reward individuals and companies across the North-East at the Northern Star Business Awards. Here we reflect on when Andrew Ferguson won the Rising Star Award in 2014 and what he's been up to over the past year.

Andew Ferguson Rising Star Award


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