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Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market: Get Noticed in 2015

08 Jan 2015

Have you made the decision to change your job this year? You’re not alone, according to industry statistics, 37% of people plan to start a new role in 2015.

So how can you stand out in a crowded job market? Read this article to find out.

Stand out from the crowd in your job search

The Importance of an Employer Brand

10 Oct 2014

A brand is an intangible asset that differentiates a company from its competitors. For years marketers have been measuring brand equity, striving to improve it in order to gain market share and encourage consumers to choose their brand over everyone else’s.

As the war for talent intensifies, businesses are looking at methods to create and define their employer brand. An employer brand can be defined as the intrinsic attributes which communicates company culture, its presence, position and quality, in order to attract the best talent in the market and to retain employees in the business.

Attract the very best with your employer brand

A Guide to Investment Banking

02 Sep 2014

When considering the role investment banking plays in the banking sector and global economy, many people conjure an image of city fat cats or Wall Street wolves. To some extent, the finance sector is yet to shake off this image, but in reality investment banking is integral to the success of our economy, and thus when done with the right checks and accountability can have a significantly positive impact on wider society.

Chartered Accountants, Are You at a Career Crossroad?

28 Aug 2014

More than ever qualified accountants have a very wide range and diversity of opportunities from audit, taxation, statutory accounts and management accounts to commercial analytics, business insight and truly value-add commercial business partnering roles.

Chartered Accountants Event

Ready, set, go! The Graduate Journey

05 Aug 2014

Get ready, 2015 Graduates – your future awaits. Whether that’s a future of internships, experiencing other cultures, or as yet to be decided, your final year of University is the time to get this all under way. It might feel intimidating – adding more to the to do list than simply “pass 4th year” is a troubling prospect, but having the future you want depends on what you do now. What will it hold for you?

Newly Qualified - Where Next?

22 Jul 2014

It's an exciting time for many as newly qualified accountants receive those much anticipated exam results.

Gender Balance - Women Mean Business

03 Jul 2014

In the last few months there has been a very hot debate around the UK Government wanting to achieve 25% of company directors to be women by 2015.

Gender Balance - Women in Business

Andrew Ferguson Nominated For Rising Star Award

06 Jun 2014

30 year old Andrew Ferguson, Director of Eden Scott, has been nominated for the Rising Star Award at this year’s Northern Star Business Awards.

Northern Star Business Awards Rising Star

Communicate Your Strengths

04 Jun 2014

When you are trying to persuade an employer to offer you a job, you need to be really good at communicating your strengths. Think of this as marketing yourself as a product by packaging up and presenting yourself in a way which will be attractive to your target market.

Job Search Communicate Strengths

Innovation in the North East

29 May 2014

If we continue to do things as we always do, then we’ll never adapt and grow.

Aberdeen is home to some of the brightest minds in the country, however they are underutilised. One method to drive innovation in the city is for companies to collaborate with Robert Gordon’s University and the University of Aberdeen, to provide students with the opportunity to work and learn in a practical environment and not left to rely on theoretical practices.

Think about the benefits industry experienced graduates could have on your business.

Aberdeen Business


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