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Bypass the Stress: infrastructure in Aberdeen

17 May 2018

One of the biggest infrastructure projects in Scotland, the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) is nearing completion. How will it affect the city?

Aberdeen West Peripheral Route

GDPR for Small Businesses

09 May 2018

Nicky Johnston from our Aberdeen office spoke to Willie Fairhurst about the importance of GDPR to small businesses

GDPR for Small Businesses

Plastic in the Food and Drink Industry

13 Feb 2018

Over the last century the discourse surrounding plastic has changed drastically; from a major scientific development to an environmental burden. What is the Food and Drink Industry doing to mitigate its harm to the environment?

Plastic in the Food and Drink Industry

STEM Skills in the Food and Drink Industry

23 Jan 2018

Almost every modern workforce includes elements of STEM skills and the Food and Drink industry is no exception, but is there a skills shortage looming?

STEM Skills in the Food and Drink Industry

The Top Five Skills Within the Food and Drink Industry

11 Dec 2017

With bold new plans afoot and more development on the horizon, we have identified five key skills areas within the Food and Drink industry where we have seen the most opportunity for growth.

Food and Drink Industry

The Gender Pay Gap in the Food Manufacturing Industry

13 Nov 2017

The imminent change in gender pay gap reporting regulation is going to have a significant impact on almost every sector of employment. With around seven months to go it is important to see what progress Food and Drink Manufacturers have made towards preparing for this change, and also to remind the industry of what is involved in this new reporting.

The Gender Pay Gap in the Food Manufacturing Industry

The Challenges Facing Food Manufacturing Companies

03 Oct 2017

I am asked on a daily basis 'what are the biggest challenges facing the food and drink industry today?'. Whilst appreciating there are many challenges facing the industry, these can vary across the different sectors within the food and drink manufacturing sector. The constant, is ‘people and skills’.

food manufacturing companies

Impact Of Brexit On The Food and Drink Industry

06 Dec 2016

It is the topic that never seems far from anyone’s lips but that no one seems to have a definitive answer for. Brexit has captivated audiences and inspired debate in households and businesses up and down the country since July last year but in many cases we still don’t seem any further forward.

Ask Eden Scott - July 2016

28 Jul 2016

Read the transcript from our July Ask Eden Scott webinar where we answered all of your career related questions.

Ask Eden Scott Online Webinar

Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Awards 2016

07 Jun 2016

Judith King rounds up another fantastic awards ceremony for Scotland Food & Drink. Held at the EICC in Edinburgh, it was an evening to celebrate what Scotland has to offer in this booming industry. Read more:

sfd-awards 2016


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