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Training & Development in the Procurement & Supply Chain Sector

02 Jun 2015

We recently interviewed Steve Johnson, Director of Simply Joined Consulting, to discuss training and development within the procurement and supply chain sector

Public Sector Procurement

Scotland's Food and Drink Supply Chain

11 May 2015

We recently interviewed James Withers, CEO of Scotland Food and Drink to discuss all things procurement and supply chain within Scotland's food and drink industry.

Public Sector Procurement

Giving Your Company a Spring Clean: When, Why and How to Implement Changes

25 Mar 2015

If you're feeling like your company could do with a breath of fresh air this Spring, read our top tips on how to rejuvenate it.

2015 Budget: Impacts on Individuals and Industries

20 Mar 2015

Find out how the 2015 budget is set to affect you or your industry.

How the 2015 Budget Impacts You

Why You or Your Company Should Consider a Move to Scotland

04 Mar 2015

Scotland’s jollity and penchant for celebrations are no secret. However, many people are unaware of the amazing work opportunities the country offers, with relocation often being seen as a daunting and undesirable prospect. Read our guide to find out why you should consider the move over the border…

Why Move To Scotland

How to Create the Perfect Relationship with Your Recruitment Agency

11 Feb 2015

Working with a recruitment agency doesn't always go as well as planned. Find out exactly what information you need to supply to them, in what ways they can help you, and look forward to recognising a huge difference in results.

 How to Create the Perfect Relationship with Your Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Market Insight Report 2015

27 Jan 2015

Read our comprehensive forecast on recruitment trends for 2015, across a range of market sectors and disciplines. Download the Eden Scott Recruitment Market Insight Report 2015.

Download 2015 recruitment market report

Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market: Get Noticed in 2015

08 Jan 2015

Have you made the decision to change your job this year? You’re not alone, according to industry statistics, 37% of people plan to start a new role in 2015.

So how can you stand out in a crowded job market? Read this article to find out.

Stand out from the crowd in your job search

Scotland's Top 5 Food Brands

06 Dec 2014

As the Scottish food industry continues to thrive, export revenues are booming and expected to reach £12.5 billion by 2015. Great news for the economy, Scottish food brands are now receiving worldwide recognition.

Industry View: Spearheading Growth for Scotland Food and Drink

16 Sep 2014

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing James Withers, the Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink. Scotland Food & Drink was established in 2007 as the leadership organisation to spearhead growth across all sectors of the food and drink industry. The organisation represents food and drink companies of all sizes across all parts of Scotland.

James Withers Scotland Food and Drink


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